Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wedding Decoration Ideas With Lights

Light at a wedding is one of those key components but often overlooked. Despite this, it's one of the most important details for both the wedding ceremony and reception locations. With the help of lights, your wedding can change from soft romance to playful or from natural to glowing. No matter what look you're going for, lighting for your wedding can help create your desired atmosphere.

Ceremony   The time of day you're having your wedding ceremony and reception is crucial to the type of lighting you opt for. Most ceremonies are held during the daytime, and so natural light is considered the best and most affordable option. However, if you opt to have your wedding in the evening or if your ceremony location is in a dark place , consider other options. Your guests want to be able to view the vow exchanges clearly, so choose something bright can be useful.
  Receptions often held in the night when the use of lighting really comes into play. For an outdoor reception, place the string lights on trees and across the ceiling of your tent, if you have one. Luminary can be as diverse and creative as you want them to be, so use your imagination. Whether you use vintage pots, paper bags or glass jars, luminary decor can make an elegant statement.
  Candles on the table are also an easy way to create a beautiful space. Tea light candles inside a pretty jar or vase make a sophisticated statement. For something more modern or quirky, consider candle arrangements made up of different types in a variety of colors.
Lighting a Tent   If you want to hold a outdoor wedding in a tent , creating a beautiful sense of light inside it can be a difficult task. Instead of overwhelming yourself, consider the tent a blank canvas that allows you to set the mood for whatever ambiance you deem suitable.
  Asian paper lanterns can do double duty as tent decorations and a source of illumination. These paper lanterns come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors and attach easily to the ceiling.
  The use of LED lights is highly recommended due to their cool operating temperatures and low power consumption.Select the desired color or colors, following instructions and using the LED lights' program controls. Many LED lighting instruments can run preset programs that change the colors emitted in a continuous loop.
  String lights can also make an elegant statement and lighten your space effectively. Drape many strands across the ceiling for a dramatic effect, or simply place a few around the bottom edge of your tent.

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