Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ideas For Short Hair Wedding Hairstyle

 Many young women may prefer long hair for their wedding. It feels like a princess when coordinate with the beautiful wedding dress and veil. However, every coin has two sides. When it comes to walking down the aisle, even women with the shortest of hair want something with a little more pizazz. Princess Diana was famous for her short hairstyles, and looked gorgeous on her wedding day. And so can you.

  1. You should select several styles that you like. Take these pictures into the salon with you and ask your stylist which one is best for your face shape and your hair. Some styles need coarse, thick hair to look right, whereas others only work with fine, thin hair. Your stylist can help you determine whether the look is right for you.
  2. Choose your hair accessories before planning your short hair wedding style. Tiaras, rhinestone bobby pins, headbands, and roses, are all popular wedding hair accessories that add glitz to your special wedding look. A wedding veil offers a traditional look while adding a sense of mystery. If opting for the veil, be sure to let your stylist know before he cuts your hair.
  3. Cut wavy or curly hair just below the chin. Long-layered bobs are ideal for this hair type. Use a flat iron to go for a sleek look or intensify your curls with a curl enhancer. Keep hair loose. A ring of flowers around your head will add ethereal tones to this short hair wedding style.
  4. Be realistic about your goals before you cutting down your long hair. If you want a short haircut so that you will look like your favorite movie star or someone others, then unless you resemble that person already, or you will likely be disappointed. Also, if you enjoy styling your hair in a variety of looks, remember that short hair has fewer options, though you can always dress it up with attention-grabbing accessories. So, make your decision cautiously.

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