Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Guides to Choose Favors for a Summer Wedding

Give your guests a summer wedding favor that shows them you truly appreciate their presence at your wedding. From flower to seashells, summer gifts a wonderful opportunity to give out favors that fit both your wedding theme and the season. Summer has long been a favorite of brides-to-be looking for the perfect season for their wedding. Once the theme for your wedding takes shape, you can plan how to thank your guests for being part of your occasion.

Favors for Summer Wedding

Step 1:
Consult your budget. Before you start shopping, you should consider how much you can spend per guest. Keep in mind how much of the wedding funds you will save for the favors and shop with that number.

Step 2:

Talk to your groom about what he wants. The gift will be from both of you, so he should have a say in what favors you give your guests, even if he says that it's up to you.

Step 3:
Figure out what style of gift you want. Do you long to give your guests a classic memento befitting the elegance of your day? Or is your desire to give your guests favors that are as creative and full of life as you are? Knowing the answer can save hours of looking at wedding guest favors that in no way match your personality.

Step 4:
Remember your theme. Sachets of potpourri and heart-shaped bottles of bubbles are nice favors, but they won't remind guests of the fun they had if your wedding had a Hawaiian theme. Instead, you might want to consider gifts like dried mango and chocolate-covered macadamia nuts to better convey the flavor of the islands.

Step 5:
Look for gifts that add to the decor for your wedding. Choosing summer wedding favors gives added depth to already lovely tablescapes. Set tropical cookies on each plate for color or put seed packets inside small flowerpots with color-coordinated candy for a sweet and environmentally friendly gift that is perfect for a garden wedding.

Step 6:
Personalize your gifts. Whether you make festive anchor key chains or purchase premade bottles of sand and seashells, consider adding a tag with each guest's name written in script. Another option is to attach copies of your favorite romantic quote with a ribbon.

Tips & Warnings
  • Buy enough wedding favors so that each guest has one.
  • Favors are optional gifts given to wedding guests as a token of the bride and groom's appreciation for taking part in the wedding. They need not be elaborate or costly.

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