Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What's Your Perfect Wedding Memories?

Wedding day is one of the most special day in life which you'll unforgettable forever, it's all those individual moments throughout your day that make it so memorable. What's your perfect memories in your wedding day?

the bride look into the mirror for the first time

Looking in the mirror

If you are having your hair and make-up done for your wedding then you'll be touched and tweaked all morning. Even when it's time to put your wedding gown on, your bridesmaids will be helping you to get into it. But the moment you look into the mirror for the first time, taking in the image of you as a bride should be a moment you'll remember for many years to come.

When the wedding car arrives

The moment your wedding car arrives to carry you away to the ceremony, the nerves can really kick in and stir a reaction. This marks the start of proceedings and signifies that your wedding really is beginning. If you've been feeling nervous then you can almost pretend you're just getting ready for a Christening or other special occasion, but the moment that car arrives it all becomes real.

The groom laying eyes on you

The moment the groom claps eyes on the bride, it is magnetic. Relish in this moment and remember how adored it made you feel.

the groom claps eyes on the bride

Being given away

Whoever is giving you away at your wedding, whether it's your mother, father or uncle, it's a very special moment. Be sure to really take your time when you walk down the aisle, taking it all in. Make a memory at the moment when you're given away – the feel of their cheek on yours as you kiss and the touch of their hand around yours. They will most probably be doing the same.

"I do"

The entire day hangs on those two words, 'I do'. When this moment comes, be sure to savour it and say the words with meaning. Saying these words means that you promise to love and care for your lover and be there for them always. A brief moment perhaps, but what a beautiful one to look back on?

Being announced as "Mr and Mrs"

After the ceremony, the photographs and the drinks reception comes the much-awaited wedding breakfast. It is customary for the bride and groom to be announced here for the first time as "Mr and Mrs". This normally results in a cheer and round of applause from the guests. Remember this moment and how happy you felt being announced as your new collective name.

First dance

The first dance is probably one of the only moments during the whole wedding day that the happy couple has to themselves. No one can interrupt during their first dance as it is just about the two of them. Happiness in this moment and recognise it as one of those perfect wedding memories, as you sway cheek to cheek to your favourite song.

groom and bride first dance

Watching your guests dance

It's not often you'll get all of your close friends, family, colleagues and neighbours in one room dancing the night away and having a good time. Sit, watch everyone enjoying themselves in celebration of your wedding.

End of the night

This perfect moment at the end of your big day is one to be remembered. You'll have that glow from dancing the night away, the tranquility now that any nerves have subsided and the contentment that you're now married to the person you love.

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