Friday, March 22, 2013

What Should You Wear to a Military Ball?

The Military Ball is a formal significant event where you should be dressed to impress. Keep in mind that this is one night where showing too much skin might just leave you wishing you'd packed a cover-up. Below are some tips help you to wear to a military ball:

Ladies on military ball

Stick with solid colors or dresses with very little detail. Keep in mind your date choice of uniform as you do not want to clash. The dress should be simple and flatter your figure as well as your date uniform.

The neckline of your gown should not show any cleavage. Consider a sexy yet not revealing choker collar dress, showing off only your shoulders. High neck dresses that show a little back are also gorgeous. Remember the back of your dress should not be too low. Flaunt back just about up to the bra line is sufficient. If you cannot wear a bra with the dress for any reason then it is probably not the right dress for you.

Go to great length militaty ball dresses. Many woman show up in dresses just below the knee and end up feeling uncomfortable. Formal ball gowns are always floor length. Whether you go knee-length or opt for an ultra-glam floor sweeper, steer clear of dresses that fall into that unflattering no man's land of midcalf.

Comfortable shoes (does not mean ugly) are a must as you will be standing for long periods of time. There are many varieties of comfortable shoes that are very easy on the eye.

Hair and nails are a must. Keep hair simple and classic when attending a military ball. For females, classic styles such as the chignon, French twist or hair down, in soft waves or curls. Coordinate your nails with your dress, but avoid bright, bold colors. A French manicure is always a safe bet. Just like the ladies, men should be well-groomed. Hair should be trimmed and facial hair should be minimal.

Keep jewelry to a minimum, it should always be tasteful and not over-the-top and should not appear to be fake. Earring should be small or thin.

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