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Tips on Mother of the Groom Dresses for Spring

Spring is one of the most commonly seasons to plan a wedding, especially if it's an outdoor wedding, as nature is in full bloom during this time. As a mother of the groom, you would love to cherish the beautiful memories of your son's wedding for a lifetime. Here are some tips on choosing the perfect dress for the groom's mother for the spring wedding.

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When it comes to colors for the mother of the groom dresses for spring, Some of the color choices for you this spring season are - lavender, tangerine, margarita, purple, watermelon pink, apple green, pine green, chocolate, yellow, gold, orange, aquamarine and red. Before selecting the wedding dress color, it would be better to discuss with your daughter-in-law, just in case she has some particular wedding theme or color in mind that she wants everyone in the family to come dressed in. Also see to it that your color choice complements the color of the bridesmaids' dresses for a harmonious color coordination. (Special warn: avoid wearing white dresses as white is one color reserved solely for the bride!)

Besides the color, the style and shape of the dress should be chosen according to the latest fashion trends as well as your body shape. The floor length formal wedding gown, which come with jacket is a popular choice with plus-size mother. These flatter all kinds of body shapes and can make any mother look charming and beautiful. Another style for mother of the groom, is the tea length dress. Tea length dresses end a little below the knee. You can opt for the one in solid colors, in different hues and shades. Carry a matching jacket to keep yourself warm as spring season often oscillates between hot and cold weather.

The Groom and His Mother
If you do not want to wear those typical dresses meant for the mother of the groom, and are looking for something chic and fashion, a good idea is to choose a short, knee length dress. For those who want to look stylish, choose the ones with spaghetti straps. Keep a stylish knitted shawl handy in a complementary color to beat the cold.

For the 'spring look', keep the make-up and accessories match subtle. Avoid wearing flashy makeup or accessories. Just a pair of earrings with a matching pendant and bracelet is more than enough which look dignified and classy. If your dress already has some ribbons, beads or ruffles on it, you can completely do away with the accessories, except for a pair of earrings.

Tips & Warnings:

As part of the traditional wedding etiquette, it's best to wait until the mother of the bride finishes her shopping. This will take away any chances of both of you turning up with similar dresses on the big day.

Besides, if you like any specific color and wish to wear it regardless of the season, just go ahead. After all it is your son's wedding day, and you deserve to look regal, elegant and stylish!

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