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Tips on How to Plan a Wedding in Las Vegas

Making the decision of tie the knot in Las Vegas is the most exciting aspects of the wedding. Planning a wedding in Vegas can take a matter of minutes for people who want to get hitched in the spur of the moment. There are several options to consider. Read on for some tips on how to plan a wedding in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas
Step #1:
Talk with family about the location. A Las Vegas wedding is no less special than any other wedding location, but parents or grandparents may have concerns about the quality of your ceremony. Reach a compromise everyone can accept to avoid angry relatives boycotting your wedding.

Step #2:
Set your budget. As with any destination wedding, plan for the accommodations of you and your wedding party. If you want comparatively less expensive options you need to pick the cheaper hotels, the smaller chapel and so on. But for people who want luxury wedding, there are a number of luxurious hotels and plush wedding venues as well!

Step #3:
Decide on your wedding's tone. Getting married in Sin City does not mean your wedding cannot be traditional. Chapels, houses of worship and hotel banquet rooms cater to every kind of need for brides. Outrageous weddings are optional, not a requirement.

Step #4:
Contact guests with wedding details before sending invitations. Sending "Save the Date" cards is traditional, but you are in good shape as long as you let your guests know the wedding date and location early enough for travel considerations.

Step #5:
Think about wedding party attire. Do you want traditional wedding gowns and tuxedos or an unusual wedding dresses? If you are unconcerned about preserving your wedding gown, then rental a tux and even a wedding dress in Las Vegas are an option.

Wedding in Las Vegas
Step #6:
Obtain a marriage license. It's easy to get a marriage license in Las Vegas, but you'll want to make sure you check to see what you need before you go. Many chapels and hotels will provide transportation for the couple to the marriage bureau.

Step #7:
Plan your honeymoon stay. Las Vegas is also a great place for honeymoon. Fine dining and evening show options abound at all of the major resorts on the Strip.

Tips & Warnings

Book venues in advance. Remember that Vegas is more family-friendly than years past, but not all parts of town are appropriate for children. Look for venues away from adult businesses if children are on the guest list.

Popular Las Vegas Wedding Hotels
  • Monte Carlo Wedding Chapel
  • Las Vegas Hilton Wedding Chapel
  • Paris Las Vegas Hotel Wedding Chapel
  • Imperial Palace Wedding Chapel
  • Caesars Palace Wedding Chapel
  • Bellagio Wedding Chapel
Las Vegas Wedding Venue

Popular Las Vegas Chapels

  • The Little White Chapel
  • The Chapel of Love
  • A Special Memory Wedding Chapel
  • Hollywood Wedding Chapel
  • Las Vegas Wedding Chapel
  • Hearts and Roses Wedding Chapel
  • Belleza a Boutique Chapel
  • Loveland Chapel
  • Victoria's Chapel

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