Monday, March 18, 2013

Tips on How to Host an Easter Dinner

Easter dinner is a traditional holiday to joy and celebrate. Apart from the Easter gifts and goodies, one of the important aspects of the celebration includes the Easter dinner party. It can be a family affair or thrown open for close friends and guests as well.
Whether your dinner will be a religious celebration or a spring get-together, here are tips on how to host an Easter dinner to make your dinner a memorable event.

Happy Easter

Choose traditional Easter dishes to bring a sense of nostalgia to your dinner. Ham and lamb are the best choices for the main course while side dishes and desserts can vary to suit family favorites or customs.

Include the guests in the cooking if you feel making the entire meal is too much work for the host. Plan to make the large, or cumbersome, items like the traditional ham and ask others to bring side dishes, a dessert or rolls.

Decorate with pastels. Easily dyed eggs in advance, items that look beautiful arranged in a basket for a centerpiece. Colored napkins and a nametag with a pretty bow will set the mood.

Host an Easter egg hunt if children will be attending. Long an Easter tradition, hiding eggs for kids is as much fun for the adults as finding them is for the kids. Provide a basket for each child that will attend and hide some healthy treats as well as the customary candy eggs.

Fashion a simple handmade corsage for each adult female who attends. A single orchid with ribbon wrapped around its stem and a small bow will make each recipient feel special.

Gather all the guests for a photo before they leave. Easter holidays deserve special reminders. Send all the guests a thank you card for attending with a photograph to remind them in years to come.

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