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Tips for Choosing Wedding Veil According to Face Shapes

You would like to choose a wedding veil that best highlights your face. So considering your face shape is important while choosing a veil.

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Face Shapes:

The eight basic face shapes are: oval face, rectangle face, triangle face, heart-shaped face, pear face, square face, round face and diamond face. Here are some tips for choosing your veil according to your face shape:

If your face is oval, it is slightly longer than is it wide, with soft, curved edges. Since this face shape is well balanced, any veil style will work great. However, it is a good idea to avoid going extreme in either volume or width, to help maintain your proportions.

If your face is rectangle, it's similar to a square, but longer than it is wide. A rectangle face will benefit from softness too. When choosing a veil look for a style that has width around the face, but no height at the top of the head.

If your face is triangular, it's similar to a heart shape, but the lines and edges are sharper and more angular. You'll want to add width at the jawline. Since most veils will be too full for you, the best choice is a back piece, where the width shows up behind the neckline.

If your face is heart-shaped, it's wider at the eye, temple, and cheek area, with a narrow chin. The edges are soft and curved. Most veil style of this face may be too punta large, choose vertical after the veil is the best, because the apparent width, so that it can in the back of the neck under the chin look wider more.

If your face is pear, it will look like an elongated oval. Many oblongs are mistaken for ovals, but when placed next to a true oval you can see that an oblong has added length. You can try the wedding veil waterfall-shaped face looks a little wide, then with the width the persian crown of the head, garland or bun bun.

If your face is square, it's basically level at the forehead and down the sides. Your jaw is strong and square, and your chin may stick out a bit. It is preferable for your wedding veil to reach at least shoulder length and for it to have some volume on the top of the head. Circular and cascading styles can help soften the angular nature of your jaw line.

pear face shape bride
If your face is round, there is equal distance all around, using the nose as a centerpoint. It will be as wide as it is long, with rounded edges. A round, full face will benefit from a veil that falls along the sides of the face, thus working to help narrow it.

If your face is a diamond, it's widest at the cheeks, narrow at the chin and forehead, with sharper features. If you're lucky enough to have a diamond shaped face, congratulations - you're perfectly symmetrical, so your choices are unlimited, as long as they complement your gown, neckline, and proportions.

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