Monday, March 25, 2013

Tips for Bridal Shower Thank-You Notes Etiquette

Bridal shower a thank you note says a lot about how much you appreciate your guest participation in your wedding. The very fact that they attended your wedding and made it a success, should be reason enough for you to send them a customized thank you card. This is all part of good wedding invitation etiquette.

Bridal shower thank-you notes

#1: Time frame

Both etiquette and common sense dictate that bridal shower thank-you notes be mailed well before the wedding date, preferably about two weeks after the shower. To simplify the process fill out cards and envelopes as wedding presents arrive.

#2: Content

In your thank you note thank guests for the gift, as well as the sentiment behind it if that is relevant. Appreciation for the guest's attending the shower should be acknowledged, too.

#3: Envelope

Thank-you notes should be addressed to all parties involved. For example, if Brown Joy attended the shower with her young daughter, Jane, the card should be addressed to Mrs. Brown Joy and Jane. If Jane is an adult and brought her own gift, she should receive her own thank-you note.

#4: Handwriting

Handwriting is a must on bridal shower thank-you cards. Make sure to write the thank you message by yourself inside the card. Computer-generated or emailed cards are considered to be in poor taste and lack personality.

#5: Avoid combinations
Thank-you notes

In the hope of avoiding excess writing, do not make the mistake of combining shower or wedding gift combinations. These can look very bad and make you appear like you couldn't care less. So ensure to send out a separate card for every gift.

#6: Shower planners

Thank-you notes should be mailed to everyone who had a hand in planning your bridal shower. This should be a separate thank-you note from the one sent for their gifts.

#7: Money

When sending bridal shower thank-you notes for money, the amount received shouldn't be mentioned. If you know what the money may be used for, it is a nice gesture to mention that, though.

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