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Ideas for Easter Bonnets and Hats

Straw Easter Bonnet Hat Decorate Eggs, Chicks, Flowers

Easter bonnets and hats are a traditional part of the holiday's festivities. They are often decorated with spring flowers, chicks, Easter eggs or bunnies, and can be handmade at home. Making Easter bonnets and hats is all about being creative and imaginative. Here are some ideas for your Easter bonnets or hats that are easy to make.

Easter Paper Hat

You can use large paper plates to make Easter hats. Decorate one side of the plate with paint, glitter, flowers, plastic eggs and plastic grass. Punch two holes in the plate, each about 1 inch from the center of the plate. Run a 3-foot piece of yarn or string through the two holes on the top of the hat, making each end of the string hanging down from the plate. Place the hat on a head and use the string to tie the hat around the bottom of the wearer's chin to keep the paper hat in place.

Rabbit Hair Band Bonnet

This is very good for small kids who perhaps do not like wearing a hat. It is easy to make and uses very little materials. Make some large cut out rabbit ears and cover them in either grey felt or material. Cover the inside with pink material. If you don't have any material, simply them in with markers. Cut strips of pink or grey paper or material and wind them round your hair band until completely covered. Bend the end of the rabbits ear to make a flap and stick securely under the hair band.

Easter Bonnet Straw Hat

Easter Bonnet
If using an old straw hat make or buy some flowers to stick on the hat to create a spring garden. Fill with Easter chicks and eggs. Candy eggs are better as they are less likely to melt and stick better. Finish with pretty ribbon in pastel shades. Let your child make their own collage hat by scrunching up colored paper and sticking it to the hat until it is completely filled. A rainbow effect can be made using different bands of colored tissue paper. Or completely cover in paper flowers.

Cloth Easter Bonnet

An Easter bonnet can be made from cloth. This material works for a bonnet because it easily folds around your head. Cut a circle out of a piece of cloth. The circle should have a diameter of about 1 foot. Make a cut into the circle from the perimeter to the center. Wrap the cloth around a person's head to mark the cloth for sizing. You will need to sew the cloth so that it is the correct size by pinning the cloth together for fitting, and then removing it to sew it together where the cloth meets. You can then cut off the remaining fabric from the bonnet. Add any Easter decorations, such as egg or bunny-shaped cloth pieces or ribbon, to the bonnet.

Easter Cone Hat or Bonnet

This can be made simply by your kids. Give your child some card and let them decorate it with whatever materials you have such as coloring pencils, markers, ribbons, glitter, paper flowers etc. Once they have finished, fold the card into a cone shape and secure the edges with sticky tape. Make two holes in the end and thread some ribbon or elastic through to tie under the chin.

Bunny Ears Easter Hat

Bunny ears can be fun for kids to wear and make for Easter. You will need pink and white paper, as well as a glue stick and a stapler. Make the ears by cutting out two pieces of white paper the shape of bunny ears, and then make the same shapes, only smaller, with pink paper. Glue the pink paper pieces so they sit inside the white paper pieces, and then glue the two ears about 8 inches apart onto a strip of paper about 3 feet long. Use the long strip of paper to go around the perimeter of someone's head, and staple the hat together where the paper meets on the back of the head. After the ears are fitted to a head, you can cut off the remaining paper from the strip.

adorable floppy ear bunny hat

Easter Basket Hat

A small Easter basket can be made into a festive hat. You may want to cut off the handle to the basket so that it does not extend too far upward when it is worn. Fill the basket with plastic grass and eggs, and glue the decorations in place. Use two pieces of ribbon to keep the basket in place by tying each piece of ribbon to opposite sides of the bottom of the basket, and then tying a bow from the two pieces of ribbon under the wearer's chin.

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