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Ideas for Bridal Shower Cake

The bridal shower cake designs are usually a reflection of the bride's personality or tastes while feeding her hungry shower guests, so keep in mind what her interests, what her favourite colors, what makes her happy and any perhaps, any goals or dreams she may have if you are going to surprise her with a cake. A bridal shower cake can served as both dessert and as an edible centerpiece to the party, and the cake don't needs to be elegant or too expensive. You can choose a formal, whimsical or homemade desserts that suit the bridal shower. Here are some bridal shower cake ideas:

Bridal Shower Cake

Images of Love

A heart-shaped cake is a good choice for the bridal shower, especially since the familiar shape is synonymous with love. Fresh, silk or frosted flowers can add a nice, romantic touch to the cake's decorations.

Heart-shaped bridal shower cake

Mini Cakes

Colorful mini cakes or petit fours arranged on a tiered cake stand can be a striking centerpiece for your bridal shower cake. Create the cupcakes around a theme or bake mismatched cupcakes for a unique look.

pink white bridal shower mini cakes

Bride's Favorite

It is traditional to choose a cake flavor or style that the bride favors. The bridal shower cake can be made from scratch using her favorite handbag, shoes, or flower.

bride's favorite bridal shower cake

Holiday Bridal Shower Cake

The bridal shower dessert can be decorated to match the holiday or season of the year. A bridal shower cake can opt for a pink yellow fondant Easter Sunday in spring.

spring easter holiday bridal shower cake

Wedding Dress

If possible, take a photo of the bride's wedding dress to the cake designer and let her create a cake that looks similar to the dress. Or create a cake idea what the bride wants in a dress, take that idea to the cake designer and let her work her magic.

Bridal shower wedding dress cakes

Theme Cake

A bridal shower cake is an opportunity to be as unique or as classic as you want. However, choosing the appropriate theme that ties in with your party is important to make sure everything works together. For example, if you're having a tea party, serve a teapot cake. Or have your cake reflect the theme colors of the wedding with lots of floral accents. This is a romantic looking cake that is timeless and elegant.

Bridal shower teapot cake

For a modern twist, bake a single-tier cake made from vegetable oil or a pound cake to get the best look. Monogram the bride and groom's initials onto one or two cakes with stencils you can find online, at craft stores, or bakery shops.

Monogram Cake Toppers Bridal Shower Cake

Honeymoon-Themed Cake

Much like the bridal shower theme cake, this cake idea takes inspiration from the couple's honeymoon destination. Start with a simple white canvas of tiers and add little details to create the picture.

Beach honeymoon-themed bridal shower cake

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