Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to Select Summer Wedding Colors

It can be very overwhelming for a wedding planning especially in summer. The fantastic whether gives you a lot of choices about your wedding color. It's unnecessary for you to choose the dull and dark colors. Why don't you take the other beautiful colors into consideration?

summer wedding colors

If you wish the wedding color scheme is soft, peaceful and relaxing, lavender might be a good choice. As everyone knows, the symbol of lavender is sweet love. Just imagine that, your wedding ceremony is decorating with the inexpensive but charming flower, it seems like walking in the countryside. The natural and out-door atmosphere would be complimented by all the guests. Believe it or not.

Another typical summer wedding color is green. When contrast it with papaya color, an innovative theme would be created. At the same time, it's very convenient for you to prepare the food with the theme, for example, olive and papaya cocktails and desserts. If you combine green with purple, a serene wildflower feeling will appeared before you and your guests.

Design your summer wedding color scheme around the bounty of nature. The bold colors found in summer blooms and foliage offer great inspiration for your wedding color palette.

Push pastel colors to the background to be used as accents in a summer color palette. These light shades are better used as the center of a spring-color palette instead.

Use a flower significant to you and your future spouse as inspiration for your summer wedding color scheme. You can place the color of its blooms at the center of your design while using accent colors in table linens and bridal-party dresses.

Pink high heel shoes on the grass

Express more about you couple by choosing colors with significant meaning. Remember that yellow is frequently associated with friendship and compassion while green gives an aura of fertility.

Coordinate your decorations and stationery by using a recurring combination of colors. You can use accents like ribbons, confetti and candles to introduce accent colors in all aspects of your wedding design.

Use the tropical feel of a beach wedding and use the colors of native fruits, such as papaya orange, pink passion fruit or yellow pineapple. You can use these punchy colors in combinations or alone to create a striking, monochromatic color scheme.

Select a metallic accent for your summer wedding, such as silver-brushed aluminum or platinum. From napkin rings to wedding favor frames, this spark of metal will add style to your reception tables.

Tips & Warnings
  • Be confident in your color choices when you understand the basics of color theory. Primary colors and their complements will always appeal the guests' attention.
  • Select only a handful of colors for your wedding to avoid being too garish. A good rule of thumb is to select one main color and two or three accents.

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