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How to Select the Right Wedding Dress Bustle

A bustle is a gathering of fabric at the back of the wedding dress, formed by drawing the train up off the floor to hem-length. The bustle can completely change the look of a dress. allow brides to enjoy the look and feel of a train but still have the freedom to move and dance at the reception afterward. Here are four of the more popular styles of wedding dress bustles.

Wedding dress bustle

Types of Bustles – French Bustle vs. American Bustle

Wedding dress bustles come in almost as many sizes, shapes, and styles as do wedding gowns! However, they can be categorized into two broad categories: the French bustle and the American bustle.

French bustle is a very popular and is great for full wedding gowns with lengthy wedding trains, "tiered" look. The bustle is secured by means of ribbons or hooks sewn to the dress, and can have anywhere from two to twenty five different points. The bustles designed with more points will have a more dramatic affect, and can create a cascading "whipped cream bustle" that is very elegant and showy. French bustles look best on "fairy tale" ball gowns that have a relatively plain skirt.

American bustle, also called over bustle, are drawn up to the waistline and pinned in place overlying the wedding dress. The train flares out beneath the contact point, looking like an elongated triangle. The American bustle creates a slimming illusion of length helpful for short-waisted or thick-waisted brides. It also shows off fancy detailing on the train better than a French bustle which hides it.

Selecting a Wedding Dress Bustle

The use of a wedding gown bustle dramatically alters a bride's silhouette and her profile (both from the front and the back.) In general, slim brides can choose either style of bustle, but full figured brides look better in American over bustles.

American bustle wedding dressAside from personal preference, the type of bustle for you also depends on the fabric of your dress, the silhouette and bustle shape you like, and the length of the train you are drawing up.

Most store bought dresses do not come with bustle attachments already in place. The addition of the necessary hooks and loops is done afterward by a seamstress, meaning the you have a lot of say in how your bustle turns out. select an experienced seamstress to help you choose the right look for you.

Selecting your bustle is the hard part, but it's also fun. Have a good time looking at all of the options available to you and remember that you can have your bustle custom-made any way you like it. On your wedding day, all you'll need is one or two helpers to pull up your dress and secure it into a bustle at the appropriate time.

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