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How to Plan a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Planning a rehearsal dinner can seem daunting as the rules are not clearly defined but it is flexibility that makes planning a rehearsal dinner such a fun challenge. From the invitation list to the activities the couple is under no obligations to adhere to any strict guidelines in planning their rehearsal dinner. Although planning a rehearsal dinner is not obligatory, many couples opt to do so because it is such a wonderful opportunity to get together with family and friends the night before the wedding directly after the rehearsal at your ceremony site. Most importantly, it creates a lot of moments in your life that you will never forget as you begin your new life with your spouse.

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

When is it

The rehearsal dinner is typically held in the evening before the wedding, immediately after the ceremony run-through. you can have it whenever you like - it can be a lunch, or even a brunch, and its pace is often informal and leisurely. But if it is a dinner, keep in mind that the party should end somewhat early, to give everyone a chance to get plenty of rest before the wedding day.

Who pays

Traditionally, the groom's parents plan and assume the financial responsibility of the rehearsal dinner. However, more and more couples are opting to bear the burden or asking both sets of parents to share the cost.

Casual or Formal

If your wedding is going to have a casual feel, then you really need to be careful not to overdo the wedding day. A formal rehearsal dinner before an informal wedding can work when you have a small and intimate gathering for your dinner. On the other hand, if you are inviting a large group of people, it would be easy to overdo it and outdo the wedding itself.

Who's invited

Your rehearsal dinner must include: all members of the wedding party (and their spouses or dates); the bride and groom, their parents, the officiant, the wedding party (including any child attendants), and reader - plus their spouses or dates, need to be invited to the rehearsal itself and the festivities that follow. Out-of-town guests should also be invited, but if you prefer to keep the gathering more intimate, schedule an event for them at another location. You could have a welcome reception at a restaurant or at the hotel where they're staying, or informal cocktails at the home of a relative or close friend. It is appropriate to invite anyone that you want to share in this sentiment.

How do you invite your guests

Send invitations to the dinner a few days after the wedding invitations go out. Written invitations are not required, but still it's a good idea to send them if more than just family will be attending; and the host should mail them right after the wedding invitations go out. The invitations are not as formal as those for a wedding but can reflect its tone.

Where do we have it

A-line Strapless Ruffles Knee-length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses Cocktail Dresses Homecoming DressesYou might have the rehearsal dinner at a restaurant, preferably with an attractive private room; in someone's backyard (for a cookout!); or even at a clam shack or pizza parlor for a super casual affair. Be creative, because, really, anything goes as long as you and your guests are relaxed, comfortable and having a good time.

A-line Strapless Ruffles Knee-length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses Cocktail Dresses Homecoming Dresses
Dress for wedding rehearsal dinner
How to Decor

When it come to the decor of your rehearsal dinner, do not overshadow your wedding. Many brides choose to go for their dinner in a completely different theme in order to set it apart from the wedding. Some people like for their rehearsal dinner to reflect their wedding. If you choose to reflect, you need to think smaller.

What to Wear

Whether you're the bride, a bridesmaid, or a guest at the wedding, choosing a dress to wear for the rehearsal dinner can leave anyone confused. Here are some Tips on How to Dress for a Rehearsal Dinner.

Tips & Warnings
  • Prepare and practice toasts beforehand.
  • Cover last-minute wedding instructions at the rehearsal; save the rehearsal dinner for fun.
  • Consider having a theme party, a outdoor barbecue, a pool party or some other nontraditional rehearsal dinner. It'll be more relaxed and more fun.

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