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How To: Guidelines for Asking a Girl to Prom Ball

"Will you go to prom with me?" It may be the second-biggest question you ever ask (or get asked), behind "Will you marry me?" It's a big deal! To make a big impression you have to do it right.

will you go to prom with me

How to Ask

Knowing how to ask a girl to the prom ball can be a major concern and stressful time for any teenage boy. After all, the prom is considered as many to be a rite of passage. The last thing you want is for the girl you plan on asking to say no and for you to be left dateless. To minimize the chances of this happening, follow this guide:

If you are uncomfortable asking in a crowded place such as in class or in the cafeteria, make sure you find an informal place where both of you will be alone and then ask.

Now let's get into some more simple but very effective approaches. If you get creative when asking a girl to prom, have fun with it and do your best, chances are high she is going to say yes. Some tips to remember when asking that special girl include:

1. Get Creative

Don't just go up to the girl you like and flat out ask her, put some thought into it. Is this a girl you are dating? Have you liked her for a long time? Are you in a school club together? Incorporate something both of you like, such as a hobby, into the question. One fun example is a guy who asked a girl using a kid's pool. The guy wrote out the question on the bottom of the pool with a marker and then filled it with water. When he brought the girl to go cool off in it, she saw the message! Since both of them enjoyed being in the water, this was a personalized and creative way to ask.

Man pinning corsage on his date's prom dress

It just tells her that you have made an effort to plan things for her. She feels special about herself. And she will never let your effort go waste. You just have to be different and creative in asking her to the prom, a YES is assured then. If you can't think of creative prom proposal ideas or you are looking for innovative ideas for a friend to help him get his girl, look no further. Just scroll down, you probably wanna thank me after reading the same.

2. Make an Online Invitation

If you are bashful and don't want to ask in person, do something online. Avoid an e-mail asking her the question; this is boring and likely to lead to a negative response. One of the things you can easily do is make a slideshow of both of you together. Write captions for each of these, like how much fun you had. These pictures can all lead up to the big question in the end! This could be a blank picture spot where the prom photo (Guidelines to Get Perfect Prom Photographs) will go after the big day is over.

3. Deliver her Flowers

You can find some cheap flowers at the store and deliver them yourself for a personalized touch. You could add a small little note that invites her to prom in a sweet and romantic way. You could also send over a corsage if you want a more subtle hint.

Creativity is going to get you everywhere when it comes to asking a girl to prom. Don't be scared and try your hardest to think of something she is going to love. Consider her hobbies and interests and you will be bound to find the perfect way to ask.

prom guy with his date What Happens If She Says No?

If you are worried she will say no or if she has already said no to the idea of both of you going to the prom together, do not despair.

While you might think that it is the end of the world, look at it this way; at least you know that you have tried (the regret of not asking is much worse than having been rejected) as well as knowing where you stand. You can then focus on asking another girl to be your date.


Before you ask a girl to the prom, make sure the timing is right. If you see the girl you are planning to ask running off to class or if it looks as if she is in a bad mood, then it is probably not the best time to ask her to be your date. Wait until a better situation arises, such as when the both of you are in relative privacy.

Whatever you decide to do, you don't have to spend a bunch of money or assemble a bunch of props. The best proposals work because they're heartfelt, charming and inspired - with a bit of humor thrown in to win her over.

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