Tuesday, March 12, 2013

High School PROM Rules

Some high school in order to ensure that the Prom is a positive and enjoyable experience for all in attendance, usually requires some rules of prom ball. Now please read and adhere to the rules and expectations below:

high school students attend the prom

# Time release:

The doors will be locked one hour after the start of the dance. No one will be admitted after that time. Students will not be released from the dance until one half hour before the dance ends.A student may leave early with their parent.

# Guess passes:

When a student signs up a guest from another school, he/she will be given a guest pass from the office. Pass will be given to teachers when ticket is purchased.

# Dress code:

No hats at prom. No blue jeans. Boys should wear collared shirts and dress pants. Girls cannot wear dresses that expose cleavage, extend above mid-thigh, have slits extending above mid-thigh. Students not appropriately dressed will not be allowed in to the dance.

# Student check-in:

Students with bags, coats will be asked to stop at the check-in table and will be subject to search.

boy and his date dancing on prom dance
# Dancing:

All dancers must remain upright - no sexual bending is allowed. Examples are: no hands on knees, and no hands on the dance floor with your buttocks touching your dance partner. There will be no straddling of each others' legs. Both feet must remain on the dance floor at all times. A student dancing inappropriately will be asked to leave the dance. This may result in loss of dance privileges for the year.

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