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Guidelines to Get Perfect Prom Photographs

There is nothing more unforgettable in a young teenager's life than attending his or her prom night. On this special night, many photos will be taken to remember this special event is a must, both professional and amateur. Getting them right can mean the difference between wonderful memories or poor pictures.

Perfect Prom Couple Photography Corsages and Boutonnieres

Professional Photos

Chances are the school hired a photographer to take professional pictures of prom couples. These pictures will be available for buy and can make a nice addition to a high school scrapbook. In order to make sure the photos come out well, you should be consider the follow things.

* Wear clothing that is timeless so that you're not looking back at the prom picture saying, "What was I thinking?"

* Some prom-goers like to make a statement at the event, wearing wacky get-ups that make an entrance or political messages. These over-the-top ensembles can take away from the prom memories.

* Be sure ties are straight, jackets are buttoned and, for ladies, the prom dress covers everything it is supposed to.

* Smile at the camera! After all, this is supposed to be a happy night.

Girls smiling at the camera on prom party

Amateur Photos

Candid shots from proud family members or friends who are traveling alongside in the limo make up the abundance of prom memory pictures. To get the best shots, consider these factors.

* Be sure to know what is in the background of the photo. The best-looking couple can be marred by a busy background or something intrusive, like a lamp that seems to "grow" out of someone's head or a messy room. Select a clean, solid-colored background, such as outdoors in front of hedges.

* Watch for light and shadows. Light that is too bright can leave people squinting in the photos. Taking a photo with the light source behind the subjects can cause wash out or blurring. Be aware of how the light casts shadows, which can ruin a photo. Believe it or not, a slightly overcast day can offer the right light for photos and make colors pop.

* Don't take full-on body shots, which can make individuals look heavier than they really are. Have couples pose on a 45-degree angle.

* Subjects should elongate their necks to avoid the "double-chin" look. While posing might feel funny, it will make for better photos in the long run.

* Photographers shouldn't say the requisite, "say cheese." Instead, try to catch subjects off guard so that a genuine expression can be captured instead of a forced smile.

Candid shots happiness prom couple photograph

* Candid shots are great ways to capture the mood of the night. Use the action setting on the camera, which may increase the shutter speed and be able to snag individuals in motion.
Photos remain one of the better ways to capture memories that will last a lifetime after prom. Be sure the photos are the best they can be.

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