Thursday, March 21, 2013

Free Easter Clip Art for Eater Sunday 2013

Free Easter clip art will add some fun and color to your coming 2013 Easter Sunday project. Whether you're making Easter cards, invitations, or programs you're sure to find some free Easter clip art that's just right from our MerleDress Blogger websites on the list below.

Tip: All of the Easter clip art here is free for personal use if you'd like to use it.

Free Easter Basket Clip Art Free Easter Bunny Clip Art

Egg Basket Clip Art Easter Egg Clip Art

Free Easter Chick with Easter Egg Clip Art

Free Easter Chicks, Eggs, Rabbit Clip Art

Free Easter Chick with Easter Egg ClipArt

Free Easter Chick Egg Clip Art

bunny & easter basket clipart

Free Easter Lilies Clip Art

Easter Bunny Family Clip Art

Easter Cross

Free Easter Babies Clip Art

Easter Bunny Decorating Egg Clip Art
These clip art would make a great place card for your Easter dinner table/ invitation (you could add each guests name on the egg). If you can think of something interesting to make with this clip art image, leave a comment or send a message to us!

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