Friday, March 29, 2013

9 Tips to Get a First Look Before Wedding

A hottest trend is for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding in a 'first look'. While many couples still prefer the more traditional route of not seeing each other before the ceremony the first look trend has grown immensely in popularity. And this is one of the most intimate and best moments for lovely new couple. Here are 9 tips to get a first look before wedding.

Capture the happiness couple

Tips #1

The moment before the first look is magical. Your heart is racing and you are all smiles. You get to enjoy seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day without all the other guests' eyes on you. You can truly be yourself and react the way you want to your significant other's gorgeous wedding day glow!

Tips #2

Get emotional. This private moment between the two of you can get teary. Plus, it gives the groom a chance to express his love of the dress before the officiant starts talking over him!

the teary bride and groom for the first look 

Tips #3

Be creative. Why not. It is your first look it should reflect your couple. Hide behind balloons, trees, a corner, a door etc...

Tips #4

Sneak up on your groom. You can decided to just peak around the door for your first look.

Through a Door to do a first look

Tips #5

Capture happiness. Your photographer and videographer get to better capture that precious initial reaction! Photos of the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time pre-ceremony get to reflect the romance of the day a bit more than those photos that are focused on the aisle walk.

Tips #6

You get some alone time before your big day! This might be the last opportunity to be together just the two of you and have some down time before being around guests and partying the rest of the day!

groom surprised to see his bride for first look

Tips #7

Surprise - You never know how the bride or groom will react to seeing the other for the first time. And the nice thing about keeping this moment private is you are free not to hold back.

Tips #8

Take a first look without looking - You can choose to do what this couple did and use blindfolds to set up this moment. This picture is pretty sweet.

Blindfold first look

Tips #9

The moment after the first look. Some of the most tender and creative wedding photography have happened just moments after a couple sees each other for the first time.
It was such a beautiful and private moment for bride and groom have a first look. Will you or did you have a first look?

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