Friday, February 22, 2013

What Type of Bride are You?

Have you thought about what kind of bride you might be? Yes, there are several different types of brides. Knowing your "type" makes wedding a lot easier when planning. Check out the below to consider what type of bride you are and how to incorporate your personality into your big day.

The Stressed Bride

The Traditional Bride

The traditional bride looks beyond fashion to style. They want theirs wedding to be timeless, nothing too much of the now, the past, or the future. For the traditional bride, decoration should be distinctive yet understated, as with hand-tied bows, fabric-covered buttons, delicate lace trims or subtle embroidery. A Traditional bride's gown is always relevant and timeless

The Modern Bride

They are fashion-forward, trendy to the hilt. They are bold, embracing color, and rejecting the cookie-cutter wedding. They might embrace all the wedding traditions, but they're gonna do it in a way that's contemporary and chic.

The Majestic Bride

Expect the majestic bride to have impeccable taste and style. The majestic bride will love the regal colors of deep gold and hues of a royal blue. Expect the majestic bride to include monograms, personal favors and a wedding theme that will certainly make a statement. Invitations will also be exceptionally elegant to the majestic bride.

The Romantic Bride

The Romantic Bride

The romantic bride can be a blend of both old and new, elegant and rustic. Flowers and candles will play a big part of the romantic bride's wedding theme. Expect a mixture of pastel colors in regards to flowers. Big dramatic table centerpieces are often a part of the romantic wedding theme. There is something whimsical about theirs vision. The bride expect magic to happen on theirs wedding day.

The Casual Bride

Don't mistake the casual bride for a bride that isn't particular about her wedding. The casual bride is likely to use materials that are more earthy rather than diamonds and crystals. Colors are likely to be more fun colors, such as yellows, browns, and blues, rather than your creams and richer colors. With the casual bride emphasis can be placed on other important items such as family and fun rather than pomp and circumstances.

The Bridezilla Bride

A bridezilla is probably one of those most difficult types of brides. This bride will want everything to go her way, no matter what. It can be stressful dealing with a bridezilla because you may always feel as if nothing is good enough. It's important to remember that you just have to try to please her as best you can so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. It is important to remain calm and stay professional throughout the entire process. Try to think ahead, so that you can anticipate any problems that may arise and you will know how to fix a problem so that the bride is happy.

The Rustic Bride

The Rustic Bride

The rustic bride is so much fun. Expect this bride to use anything that can be created from the outdoors. Colors will trend heavy on green and browns, and very earthy tones. Stone china and bulkier glasses will tend to be used. Centerpieces will tend to be a wild flower and candle combination. The rustic bride may use an outdoor location, or a tent to hold her wedding reception.

Each bride has her own personal wedding style. What type of bride are you? Traditional? Modern? Romantic? Bridezilla? Rustic? or others? Explain in comments!

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