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Wedding Flowers: Silk Flowers Vs. Fresh Flowers

Whether you chose silk or fresh wedding flowers, you should weigh your options and make your choice based on your budget and what type of wedding you are having.

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Here are some information you might want to consider before choosing to silk flowers or fresh flowers:

The advantages of silk flowers versus fresh flowers
  • Naturally silk flowers last forever and they are easy to clean and continously look "fresh".
  • Silk flowers are not subject to weather conditions while fresh flowers would dry, fade or wither.
  • Unlike giving somebody a bunch of fresh flowers the mementos of silk flowers will last forever.
  • There is no need to worry about allergic reactions when giving somebody silk flowers or using it at an event.
  • Silk flowers won't attract bees or other insects either.
  • Using fresh flowers for your wedding or any other celebration can be ridiculously expensive. Silk flowers will cost you almost half the price of fresh flowers.
  • Fresh flowers limit you in the sense that it can not be ordered well in advance to an event or occasion.
  • Silk flowers aren't affected by unexpected heat and won't wither before they have even reached the designated occasion.
# Expense

The biggest reason most brides even begin considering silk flowers for their wedding is because of silk-flower bouquets can often be less expensive than fresh-flower. In fact, depending on the size and types of arrangements you choose, flowers can end up costing as much as, or even more than your wedding dress! By selecting silk flowers over fresh flora, wedding costs can be decreased by hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.

# Fragrance

For many brides real flowers are the first choice. They have a natural feel and fragrance and just feel 'right'. If you are a lover of flowers, it is difficult to accept any substitute. Silk flowers might imitate the look of real flowers remarkably, but they certainly can't duplicate the scent.

Suffer from allergies? Silk flowers may be the best choice if you don't want to have a red nose and streaming eyes in your wedding photos.

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# Durability

Though one of the stronger arguments for choosing silk flowers is that your arrangements will last forever, there are several ways of preserving real flora from your wedding. Some brides might actually prefer to press one or more flowers, a technique that makes them easier to keep in a photo album or scrapbook. Your other options are to dry your bouquet or even take it to a floral preservation specialist.

# Convenience

You can save yourself a lot of work and worry by having a fresh-flower bouquet done professionaly. Artificial flowers can be prepared ahead of time and save yourself the stress of working with real flowers the night before your wedding, so there is not a mad last minute rush to get everything completed. Some brides also like the fact that the bouquets can be kept as a keepsake and reminder of the day.

# Longevity

A silk-flower bouquet will last many years and can be used as a memento. There are ways to dry fresh-flower bouquets, but it's more difficult and costly, and the results are often disappointing.

It is also interesting to mix real and silk flowers as wedding flowers. Just make sure your selection is going to make you happy on the special day. Choosing the perfect wedding flowers is ultimately all about you!

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