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Unique & Exciting Spring Wedding Invitation Themes Ideas

The spring wedding season is just around the corner, if you're having a spring wedding and that means you should thinking about your favorite wedding invitation ideas.(Special recommend How To Write A Formal Wedding Invitation?) Here are several unique and exciting wedding invitation themes to show you:

spring themed wedding invitation

Buds and Blooms

Spring is most often associated with flowers, so incorporate flowers into your wedding invitation, such as an elegant silhouette of either your signature flower or several flowers. Silhouettes are a rising trend in wedding invitations because they can be chic and modern, flirty and fun, traditional, or denote a Japanese influence.

Blooms wedding invitation

Floral and Destination Themed

If you are planning on having a wedding with a floral or destination theme, consider integrating these designs into your invitation set. Unique and beautiful, floral and destination themed wedding invitations are the perfect way to announce your wedding.

Destination Wedding Invitation

Butterfly Wedding Invitations

A butterfly symbolizes rebirth, since it emerges from a cocoon transformed from an ordinary caterpillar into a thing of beauty. Again, silhouettes are popular and could easily be applied to a butterfly theme to avoid looking too cutesy. A series of butterflies could flit around the page in a colorful border, or could be transformed into a separate shape that forms the clasp of a tri-fold invitation.

Pink Butterfly Wedding Invitation

Lady Bug Wedding Invitations

Lady bugs are said to bring good luck, and if you have a particular affinity for these creatures, use it! Your spring wedding invitations could be printed on white paper with red lettering and an embossed ladybug centered over the wording. You could also create a tri-fold invitation with the telltale pattern and colors of a lady bug on the outside with a crisp white inside containing the invitation wording.

lady bug wedding invitation

Love Birds Wedding Invitations

A pair of birds could represent the "love birds" getting married and appear in various ways throughout your wedding as a wedding theme. Two birds could be perched on a branch extending across the invitation, signaling the journey the couple will embark upon together. You could choose a layered wedding invitation where each bird could appear to hold a corner of the vellum overlay that contains the wording against the background page.

love birds spring wedding invitation

Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing is more popular than ever before. The vintage aesthetic and understated elegance of letterpress wedding invitations cannot be matched by any other printing method. This spring, try finding specials on affordable letterpress wedding invitations so you can have the invitation design you have always dreamed of and still save money!

Spring Letterpress Printing Wedding Invitation

Add a Photo

Spring brides are moving away from the traditions of the past and displaying their modern style with wedding invitations that have a photo theme. You can easily add a photo to your invite ensuring your wedding invitation theme is all about you and your fiance's photo.

Photo Wedding Invitation

Whatever type of spring wedding invitation design you want, the most important thing is that you are happy, it will complement your wedding's season perfectly.

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