Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tips for Wedding Guests: What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

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We all know wedding bells are ringing every spring. Spring is the time of year brings a fresh start and a sense of reconstitution - you can bet a few wedding invitations will make their way to your mailbox. Whether the wedding is in the morning, afternoon or evening, embrace the season and opt for perfect attire that are just right for spring.

Cocktail Dresses

A cocktail dress is a safe bet for a spring wedding. Avoid an overly dressy all-black frock and opt for pastels, bright colors or a pattern. Keep the cleavage to a minimum and the hemline no shorter than just above the knees.


If you're a mature woman who's not comfortable in a dress, you can wear a pantsuit. Light colors such as pink and champagne are suitable for a spring wedding, but avoid ivory. Softer metallic shades of pewter and gold are also lovely for a spring wedding.

Wraps & Shawls

3/4-Length Sleeves Satin Special Occasion Jacket/Wedding Wrap
Spring evenings can be cool, so bring a wrap or shawls along if you know the ceremony or reception will take place outside.

Hair and Makeup

Embrace the romantic season with loose curls or a simple chignon. Makeup should be ethereal and natural, with shimmering neutral tones at the eyes and cheeks and a light gloss on lips.


A light suit, such as khaki, light gray or even seersucker (for an outdoor afternoon wedding) is appropriate prior to 6 p.m. Wear a shirt in white, light blue or sage green with a true blue or green tie. You can also have fun with a subtle print tie in bright colors. After 6 p.m., wear a dark navy or gray suit, you can still toy with bright or light hues in your shirt and tie.

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