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How to Pick Wedding Headpieces

The bridal headpiece is a good way to keep your hair in place and off your face, allowing your smile to shine. The wedding accessory can add the chic and completeness to the whole bridal look on the very special day. The headpieces come in the several types. The right beautiful headpiece can really make the difference to the way you appear on your big day.

bridal headpieces

Types of Headpieces

● Tiara

Tiaras are popular for the bride who wants to add a little more sparkle to her ensemble and play the role of princess for a day. Tiaras can be made from the different materials like gold or silver and can be adorned with colored stones and crystals. Tiara is very versatile and could be ideally coupled both the elegant up-do and with the short hair.


Veils are a popular option for bride observing more traditional practices. The contemporary brides wear veil to honor the traditions and accentuate their wedding dresses.

Brow band

This headpiece is usually pinned to the sides or come with the comb in the back. It is presented in the great variety of colors and styles and can be worn even without the veil.


They are intended for holding back the hair. As for the decorations, they are usually embellished the same way as tiaras.

What You Need to Know
  • Bring pictures of your wedding hairstyles, accessories, and front and back of your wedding dress to the veil shop.
  • When shopping for your wedding veil, bring a swatch that matches your wedding gown color; photographs may not reflect the true color.
Step #1:

wedding headpieces Decide what type of headpiece will best suit the shape of your head. Individuals looking to elongate their face or make it look thinner will want something taller, such as a peaked tiara, while those with rounder faces will want to choose something more subtle, such as a headband. A veil will work with any head type.

Step #2:

Style your hair using mousse or hairspray to create a texture that the headpiece can grip onto. Allow your styling to set before placing the headpiece.

Step #3:

Many headpieces go on the crown of your head at a 45-degree angle, but adjust this according to what is comfortable and creates the look you're going for. Slip the prongs of the headpiece under folds of your hair, if possible.

Step #4:

Secure the headpiece to your hair with bobby pins. Use bobby pins that are the same color as your hair to disguise them.

Tips & Warnings
  • When you try headpieces on, move your head around. Make sure you can dance and have fun with your perfect headpiece in.
  • Bring your dress (or a picture of your dress) with you when selecting your headpiece, the two should look like they were meant to go together.
  • Veils come in a multitude of different styles and lengths. If you decide to go with a veil, determine which length goes best with your dress and body type.

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