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How to Dress for a First Date for Men

If right now you're preparing for a first date on Valentine's Day, and the first date is a perfect and often one of the most important of opportunities to forge a stronger connection with someone. Here are tips dress for a first date for men.

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Dress for the Occasion

First date usually fall within the range of a couple of predictable activities. But whether it is a movie or dinner date, always remember to dress for the occasion and base your attire on where you'll be going for the date.

The Lunch/Dinner Date

Most first dates start with lunch or dinner. And dressing appropriately could set the tone for the whole date. So what should you wear when going to the restaurant? First of all, your clothing selection will depend on what establishment you will be bringing you date to. The chances are your first date will be at an above average restaurant, wear nice pair of dark slacks with a matching long-sleeved, button-down shirt at the least and never ever forget a nice pair of elegant shoes as women will generally look at your shoes as a first judgement tool. Keeping a suit handy for a date at an upscale restaurant is also wise.

The Romantic Movie Date

For the romantic movie date, put on a nice pair of jeans and a slightly dressier shirt than you usually would. Your first date probably won't require you to wear a tuxedo or a suit, but never ever turn up with something you wear at home on a lazy weekend or that weekly booze session with the boys! Your outfit should hit about the same level of formality as the outfit your date is wearing. Ask if your date what they will be wearing if you are unsure just to be on the safe side.

Dinner Date

▲ Tips & Warmings: (Just Suggestions!!)
  • Do not try to rush a conversation or cut her off
  • Always look at her and not everyone around you
  • Try to keep away from getting too drunk, shows that you have no self control
  • If she has food stuck in her teeth or on her face, advise her, but delicately or offer to wipe it off for her
  • Don't try to get her drunk either, not good form
  • Don't try to change the subject to avoid the answer, nicely say that you are uncomfortable answering the question for now
  • Don't eat like you have never eaten before, remember, table manners are very important
  • Do not order her food for her, she knows what she wants. But - making suggestions don't hurt
  • If you smoke make sure you ask if she minds first, which I am sure she will ask you if she does. And if you don't like smokers, it is your choice to not make a second date, don't ruin it now
  • Don't stare, especially at certain body parts that you find very attractive.
  • Keep a conversation going, even if you notice that you/she are running out of things to say
  • Turn off your cellphone

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