Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to Choose Perfect Wedding Lipstick

Do you want to look absolutely perfect on your wedding day? While picking out your wedding hairstyle, your wedding dress, your wedding shoes and yes, your makeup look too. One of the last things we choose when applying makeup is lipstick.

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Well, lip color has a lot to do with the season, so consider these suggestions when considering which color you want to build your look with:

# Spring Shades

Spring usually sees the return of beautiful blossoms and brings to mind pastel and bright floral colors. Keep in the same tone of the season by choosing a paler lipstick shade like soft pink or coral.

# Summer Shades

Summer is probably the one season you can get away with just about anything. You'll want to go brighter than you would in the fall, but bolder than you would in the spring. More intense shades of reds and pinks will brighten your face and bring the season's style into your wedding look.

# Autumn Shades

When you think of fall, you usually think of things like pumpkin and spice. Incorporating this into your lipstick color will help you play your style off the falling leaves and give you some great wedding pictures. Your best bet is to go with a lipstick that has darker tones, golden hues, or even a touch of brown.

# Winter Shades

Winter is a time of year when you don't want to go too dark, but too bright wouldn't be much better. You'll want a clear, refreshing look compared to the quiet stillness the season offers, so the best colors are crisp, solid shades of red.

Some quick guides to get the most out of bridal lipstick.
  • Never try on a tester lipstick as it’s really quite unhygienic. Instead use your fingertips to test as these are the closest colour and texture to that of your lips.
  • Try and avoid very oily foods as the oil will attack your lipstick and all your hard preparation will have been for nothing.
  • perfect wedding lipstick
  • Matte Lipsticks will last far longer than greasy or glossy lipsticks.
  • Keep lipstick in the fridge to make it last longer.
  • For the mature woman a cream lipstick looks better than a matte or gloss.
  • If your lipstick is a pale colour its best to use a nude lip liner.
  • Lick your lips before taking a drink as this will help your lipstick stay on your lips not the glass, or better still always use a drinking straw.
  • To keep gloss on for longer first fill your lips with lip liner and then apply gloss on it. The gloss has something to stick to and therefore lasts longer.
These suggestions and tips can help keeping your beautifully applied lipstick on the big day and make bride look perfect with smile.

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