Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Billy Ball Flowers: A Fun Addition to Your Wedding Decoration

Billy Ball Wedding Flower

Billy Balls (also known as Billy Buttons or Craspedia) add texture, vibrant colour and visual interest to your bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and other flower arrangements, wedding cake, and more. They have very long and brilliant green stems with a round shaped, bright yellow head and wonderful texture.If you are looking for affordable, yet elegant flowers, billy balls are perfect for your wedding!


Because of their long stems, billy balls are easy to arrange in your wedding bouquets and other flower arrangements. They are primarily in season from early spring to fall and are fairly inexpensive to purchas but can be brought in all year around.

Popular wedding flower - billy ball flowers


Billy Buttons are only available naturally in yellow some florists will offer dyed billy buttons in red, orange and green tones.

Billy Ball Cake
  • The long stems make it easy to use in any floral arrangement and they complement most flowers. Cut the stems at an angle, removing about one inch.
  • Billy balls look modern and chic when paired with succulents.
  • Place the flowers in water with flower food.This will help open the tiny little florets on the round flower head.
  • They look especially attractive paired white flowers like daisies and roses.
  • Go monochromatic by arranging with other yellow flowers like tulips and sunflowers or grouping them together.
  • Billy balls are naturally yellow, but can be dyed other colours to suit your design needs.
  • Yellow Billy Balls are the most abundant, and they dry particularly well for use in permanent flower arrangements.

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