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9 Sweet Valentine's Day Romantic Recipes for Lovers

Nothing says "I love you" this Valentine's Day is with dessert, make the day even more special with Valentine's Day menu ideas. Plus, your sweetheart will swoon over Valentine's Day delights. Here are 9 sweet Valentine's Day romantic recipes for lovers:

"I Love You" Valentine's Day Recipes

# 1. Heart Shape Brownie Fudge

This is rich and indulgent, but also very easy to make and loved by almost everyone. Once you've baked it, cut it into heart shapes and serve them to the ones you love. This heart-shaped chocolate treat is the perfect romantic gift for someone you love on Valentine's Day.

heart shape brownie fudge

# 2. Strawberry Cream Puffs Heart Shape

A slightly more adventurous idea, but well worth the time. These look and taste divine, and you can share them around your most loved ones or keep them all for yourself. Give yourself enough time not too rush and they'll turn out perfect.

strawberry cream puffs heart shape

# 3. Heart Cake

Try an old fashioned trick and bake a cake. The scent will make your home smell lovely and its sure to put a smile on somebody's face. Enjoy Valentine's Day with your lover.

Heart Cake

# 4. Raspberry and Chocolate Tart

For a more unique idea, try making this. You can still shape it like a heart, and everybody loves tart! Make sure they see it whole before cutting it up, though, or make mini ones and spread them around!

Raspberry Chocolate Heart Tart

# 5. Crescent Hearts

Try this deliciously easy version of a French bakery specialty. These little pastries are so light you can enjoy them at any time, so whether you use them for breakfast in bed, a lunchbox treat or tea time tantalizer, they are sure to go down well!

Crescent Hearts

# 6. Valentine's Cookie

It is one of the most impressive Valentines recipes, this one is certain to make that special person feel how appreciated they are, and you don't have to be a culinary genius to make it. Love!

Valentine's Cookie

# 7. Chocolate Brownies

An old favorite, brownies are still one of the most popular deserts around and anybody would be happy to receive some freshly baked ones for Valentine Day. If you can't freshly prepare them, gently heat them in the oven and serve with whipped cream or Strawberry sauce and Champagne.

Heart Shape Chocolate Brownies

# 8. Chocolate Toffee Sugar Cookies

Everybody loves cookies, and these ones are delicious. They take only 14 minutes to cook, and around 8 to prepare, so these are perfect if your strapped for time but still want to show you care.

Chocolate Toffee Sugar Cookies

# 9. Cake Truffles

It is very easy to make and customizable, but very romantic and expensive to buy. Present them in a cute little box, tied with a ribbon. They'll be loved by everyone!

Cake Truffles

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