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Vintage Wedding Theme Ideas: How to Plan a Retro / Vintage Wedding

Having a vintage wedding theme makes your ceremony a romantic and a classic one. Create a charming and fantastic wedding theme and turn the history for the inspiration full of old world charm. When you want to have a vintage theme for your wedding you must take into consideration your wedding dress, invitations, flowers, table decorations, favors, place cards and the candy as well. To coordinate your day carry your chosen theme through all aspects, from your gown to wedding theme colours, venue and styling. Here are a few vintage wedding theme ideas to get you started.

vintage wedding theme

# Vintage Wedding Ideas: Venue

When planning your wedding, the first item to tick off your to-do list is the reception venue and for a vintage wedding theme, this should reflect the specific era you're targeting. For a 1920s or 1930s vintage wedding theme, look for grand Art Deco hotels or old homes decorated with chandeliers, antique furniture and candelabras. If you're planning a large wedding, look for reception centres that can be easily decorated to suit your vintage wedding theme and for a smaller wedding, consider a moody and ambient gallery or bar that will embody a prohibition-era speakeasy!

# Vintage Wedding Ideas: Stationary

Your stationery, of course, should also reflect your vintage wedding theme. Stick with traditional invitations featuring old-fashioned letterpress and engravings in your wedding theme colours of choice.

# Vintage Wedding Ideas: Bridal Hair

Wedding hairstyle will be determined by the venue and consequent style you've chosen for your vintage wedding theme. For a vintage theme you may wish to consider finger waves or a pinned up-do, both of which were popular styles during this era. Combine one of these vintage bridal hair styles with accessories such as a feathered fascinator, a classic subtle hair pin or a vintage bridal hair comb.

vintage bridal hairstyle

# Vintage Wedding Ideas: Bridal Gown

A vintage style beaded french lace gown, for example, is perfect for a vintage wedding theme in an Art Deco setting. This will add a special and unique touch to your one day if you wear a unique a vintage flapper dress with a long rope of pearls and a fur wrap. There are a lot of dresses can be in classical style if you don't want to wear the vintage wedding dress. Create a retro look at your wedding inspiration ivory, pearl, lace or diamond. It will complete an antique watch wearing a dazzling clip or a hat.

# Vintage Wedding Ideas: Cake
The wedding cake should be a piece-de-resistance. Authentic vintage wedding cakes are typically white with detailed stenciling, flowers, beads, and birds as decor or cake toppers.

# Vintage Wedding Ideas: Flower

Your flowers should likewise omit a traditional, classic style. With bunches of flowers in a vintage vase and jars, you can decorate your own reception. Find the true vintage vase and arrange your flowers browsing market and second-hand stores or online shopping. You can also ask a help a friend or family save glass bottle and arrange the matching ribbon does not match the jar in the clusters in your list. These cans can be full of flower season. It will also look amazing several single flowers with ribbons tied to the back of the chair.

# Vintage Wedding Ideas: Favors and Table Decor

Wedding favors has many purposes and can be used for table decoration, place card or as a gift for your guests. When it comes to decorate your wedding venues and table there are a lot of options. You can have antique photo frame with the guest's name inside, old birdcages, crystal table scattering, ivory lace hand, or a decorative fans candlestick carry you retro wedding theme throughout the day.

Vintage Wedding Favors and Table Decor

# Vintage Wedding Ideas: Transportation

Last key feature in any vintage wedding is the transport. It's popular for the bride and groom to rent a vintage wedding car or to drive off to their honeymoon in the vintage vehicle.

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