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Valentine's Day Bedroom Decorations, Give Her/Him a Romantic Surprise

On the special holiday for everybody who is in love you should decorate not only the table but also your bedroom. Decorating a bedroom for Valentine's Day can be lots of fun - especially if you are creating a special atmosphere as a surprise for your Valentine. If you are still not has particularly idea how will decorate your bedroom to be a romantic bedroom, here are ideas for decorating bedroom to be a romantic bedroom for welcoming Valentine day with your lover.

Decorating hearts on the bedroom for valentine's day

Tip #1

Use a dozen yards or so of net or gauzy fabric to glamorize the bed. Gather a floor-to-ceiling-length piece, tack into the ceiling on all four corners directly above the bed, and create swags that you can tie back with pink silk ribbons and then release so that your bed rests inside a romantic tent.

romantic tent with roses petals on the bed for valentine decoration

Tip #2

Heart shape and a romantic dinner are the details necessary for your special valentine day. Buy as many fresh red, pink roses as you can afford, you can place them in several vases around your bedroom space. You can also take flower petals and then shaping it into a heart, after that put it on the table beside your bed. To make more romantic feeling, use your bedroom decor with the dominant color of red, white and pink, because this color is symbol of the Valentine day and expression of affection. You can also put mattress on the floor and decorated it with wine, glasses, flowers and bouquets around the mattress.

romantic heart shape bedroom decorationroses heart shape on the bed for valentine
Tip #3

Find every picture you can locate of the two of you together a heart-shaped pattern, glue on the photos, and tack them up on the bed head. If you have a wedding album, open it to your favorite page, and display it on the dresser.

heart shape picture on the bed's head
Tip #4

Put a large basket to use by placing it prominently in the room. Line it with a pink cloth, and fill with a bottle of grape juice, wine or champagne, and lots of chocolates. Throw in some candy conversation hearts for fun.

large basket fill with a bottle of grape juice, champagne, chocolates on the bed for valentine

Tip #5

Set the mood by adjusting the lighting, the use of light is also very important. To build atmosphere, natural lighting, if the home can only incandescent fluorescent lamp, it is difficult to build sweet and romantic atmosphere, so it is necessary to select a few romantic breath lamp, such as in the present market condition is popular with chic modelling, small an aromatherapy candle. These an aromatherapy candle size, colour is varied. In the evening of valentine's day, turn off the lights and light a candle, in the flickering light, even ordinary household decoration can also reflect and ordinary different taste. A common bedroom, often because of the increase in a light source are different.

romantic roses petal on bed with candle on the table bedroom decoration for valentine's day

Tip #6

In addition to the main light outside, still can be appropriate to consider such as floor lamp, table lamp, hanging lamp, lamp and so on auxiliary illuminant. Orange hazy halo can give a bedroom to bring warm and quiet atmosphere, create the ideal garden of Eden. A lively, sweet atmosphere in when the door to foil out. The sand issued and the bed is tasted in color, in design is quite good choice.

valentine's day bedroom romantic orangeroses in the bathtub in the bed for valentine

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