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The Duties & Responsibilities Of a Bridesmaid

Being a bridesmaid means holding a lot of duties & responsibilities over your shoulders. You obviously mean the world to the bride when selected as the bridesmaids. As a Bridesmaid you have a strong supportive role you must play during the entire wedding experience (What Is the Bridesmaid's Role in Wedding?). It is an honor to be asked to be a bridesmaid, but it's also a duty / responsibility.

bridesmaids duties & responsibilities

Bridesmaids Duties

Bridesmaids duties will vary according to how many bridesmaids you have. If you have 3 bridesmaids, you should delegate different tasks to each girl - your wedding planning will run smoothly if you do.

A bridesmaid duty may include some or most of the list provided below, as this is only a guide, you can add or subtract off of the list to suit your wedding requirements. The bridesmaid responsibilities will also differ because each wedding is unique. 

Bridesmaids Responsibilities

Pre - Wedding

There are a lot of pre wedding preparations in which the bride may need your help with. Firstly, the bride may need your help to choose a location. You may be asked to drive her around to choose where she would want to hold her wedding. Nothing beats having an opinion of a good friend in making important decisions.

It is a major treat to go with the bride when she is shopping for her wedding dress. She may even invite you to be involved in picking out the Bridesmaid Dresses. It is very important to help make sure the dresses are ordered and arrive in enough time for alterations! Do keep in mind the couple's budget while making your choice!

bridal showerIn order to be the most beautiful character of the day, the bride would need your help to help her accessorise and decorate the venue. Jewels, flowers, decorations, wedding cards designs, wedding cakes and wedding favors would all need your precious opinions and assurance.

If you have great penmanship it is always nice to volunteer to address at least some the invitations if the bride agrees. Many times a bride may outsource her invitations but if they need to be addressed by the family, your help will be key in reducing the load of tasks to complete.

Attend and help out during the rehearsal dinner. Many times the bride, groom and their families are pre-occupied, which is where you can save the day by being supportive.

Last and probably the most exciting duty of a bridesmaid is planning the Bridal Shower with the Maid of Honor as well as the Bachelorette Party! Do not underestimate these tasks. You would need to plan the event, collect the funds as well as do the invitation (plus keep track of RSVP as well). But, let me assure you, the fun of that night will pay the debt of all the hard work you went through so plan it well! Have fun!

Wedding Day

On the day of the wedding, the first thing you would need to do will be to wake up early in the morning, assist the bride in getting into her dress and makeup.

bridesmaids help the bride with her dress

Ask if the bride needs anything (food, water, etc) all the way up till the time she is walking down the aisle. She will really appreciate it!

During the tea ceremony, sometimes, the bridesmaid may be roped in to help prepare the tea and conduct the tea ceremony. Do it with a smile knowing that only important people get to do such a task for the couple.

Throughout the day, do help the bride with her veil and train so that she will not trip over it and ruin her "moment". In addition, keep your hands free to hold the bridal bouquet when need to. Sometimes, you may also need to be the ring keeper. Do that with great caution if you do not want drama to unfold during the wedding.

If you are single, make sure to mingle and have a great time at the party! It is mandatory to catch the bridal bouquet!

If you are with your partner, make sure to dance and socialize since it means a lot to the bride and groom (when they have time to sit down) to see their friends having and creating a good time for themselves and the other guests.

bridesmaids listen throughout the wedding ceremony processAs the bridesmaid, do be the host and direct the guests to their seats. In addition, keep a record of the couple's gift and safeguard their gifts well. Take pictures and socialise around. Do periodically check on the bride in the waiting room to ensure everything is fine but do give the couple some private moments to savour joyous occasion.

If you think that is too much for you to handle, do not worry. A bride will normally have a few bridesmaids to share the load.

Last, but not least, provide moral support and be a great listener throughout the process since it is a very wonderful and "positively" stressful time for your friend. You can really make the difference! And then give yourself a BIG pat and congratulate the bride!

Final Words: Let me simplify that for you: you are the bridal underling and you will do whatever she needs to be done for her.

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