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Spring & Summer Wedding Theme Colors and Trends

There are certainly mixed reviews about what the wedding trends and bridal themes will be in Spring/Summer 2013. The color of the year is a vibrant tangerine orange that is perfect to pair with turquoise, sea foam green or aqua.

bright & bold color wedding theme for spring/summer

Bright & Bold Color
From flowers to decor, we just couldn't miss the bursts of color everywhere - say goodbye to muted colors and drab, dull, and boring centerpieces. We expect to see some creative arrangements, such as tangerine, bright oranges, lively greens, royal purples, and turquoise blue, in brides' jewelry, shoes, invitations, bridesmaids dresses, and decor. Summer is not the time to shy on color or be stingy with bold hues - summer itself is a celebration of color!

Candy Buffets and Bars
Fun, colorful candy buffets definitely stole the show with their sweet decorative arrangements and taste-tempting treats - hot pink was definitely a hit here. We saw a ton of buffets, including - which included lots of famous and familiar candies - including Charms Blowpops, Smarties, and Tootsie Rolls - candy everyone knows! It seems like nostalgic childhood candy is what the latest wedding craving.

#3. Round Bouquets
Other than bright and fun bursts of color, the trend for round bouquets floral arrangements. Everywhere we looked, we saw lovely bouquets, perfectly shaped into bobs and balls for a unique summery look. Popular flowers were romantic roses, mini-roses, carnations, with bits of greenery in between. We even saw round arrangements for candy "bouquets" at tables.

#4. Fascinators and Hairpieces
We couldn't help but notice a new trend for brides are becoming more fashion-forward when it comes to their headpieces, opting for gorgeous, lace and feathered fascinators, masked cage veils, forehead headbands, and large flowers in lieu of traditional veils. 

#5. Mix & Match
In keeping with the vintage theme, many brides are favoring more variation and less symmetry, from textured linens on their tables to mix-and-match bridesmaids dresses, all tied into a central theme.

spring/summer pink & green perfect match wedding theme

#6. Natural Elements
Environmentally-friendly weddings are here to stay, bringing locally-sourced food and florals like succulents, wildflowers and baby's breath.

#7. Belts & Sashes
Play around with different widths and styles to match your spring or summer style. It's a perfect way to add sparkle, texture and a personal touch to your big day look!

#8. Bridal Dresses
Brides are choosing wedding dresses with layers, texture, and soft fabrics, such as chiffon, organza, and tulle, for a more romantic look. And on the bridal runway, we noticed quite a few elegant, sweeping dresses with lots of luxe detail - mostly in the volume of the dress. Bridal gowns have warmed up to oomph and movement - lots of draping, ethereal chiffon, and flowing trains.

Amazing Strapless A-line Tiered Organza Wedding DressesAmazing Strapless A-line Tiered Organza Wedding Dresses

Impressive Food & Cocktails
Food creativity and presentation have become very popular, and we are loving the innovative ways that brides are incorporating specialty cocktails, food stations, and color-coordinated dessert tables with gourmet candy, cookies and other delectable sweets into their wedding menus.
Are you getting married in 2013 spring or summer? Tell us which trends you will (or won't) be incorporating into your wedding.

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