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Ideas & Tips for Unique Hens Night & Hens Party

A hen party is a special "girl's night out" for the closest friends of a woman who's about to get married. A hen night can take many different forms, from a night of dancing and drinking to a casual evening at home. Many hen parties focus on a themed activity, like casino games, poker, a cocktail party. Here are a few ideas for how to have a spectacular unique hens night:

hen night

# 1 - Luxe Living

What's a wedding if not a wonderful excuse to escape to a spa and laze away a weekend in a plush dressing gown sipping champagne and having a man named Sven massage your shoulders. Why wait for the honeymoon – host a unique Hens night by booking a girlie weekend away before the ceremony. Not only will it be a blissful bonding experience (and a heap of fun) but it'll also give you and your bridesmaids the perfect chance to primp and preen for the upcoming big day! Your bridal party will love you for this unique Hens' night and you'll love the lazy luxury of a weekend relaxing away from all those pre-planning stresses!

hens party - spa

# 2Serving up a Feast

Want to brush up on your domestic goddess skills before your walk down the aisle? Or maybe you just want to spend an evening meal on delectable goodies you've made yourself. Either way, a cooking class can be the perfect, most delicious way to spend your Hens night. Check out what's on offer in your local area, meet up with an Italian master and be taught the secret of yummy homemade pastas and sauce, go exotic and whip up something spicy in the kitchen or find a dessert-making class and get your cupcakes up to scratch. Your girlfriends had better come hungry!

# 3Put on your Dancing Shoes

Learning to shake, shimmy and own the dance floor by taking a dancing class on your Hens night! There are a lot of options, pole dancing, for those with a cheeky streak, burlesque dancing for the artistic movers and shakers or latin, salsa and belly dancing to add a little glitter to your routine! Find a private class or teacher and learn the basics then take your new-found skills out on the town, ending your Hens night showing off your moves on the floor for real!

dance hen party night

# 4Go to the Extreme

Extreme sports are not just a guy! Get an adrenaline rush on your Hens night and go all out with the girls! What's more bonding than jumping out of a plane together or, if that's a bit much to start with, how about heading to the bush, getting your amour on and playing paintball? There are a lot of extreme behavior, make your hens night a real scream, from jet boats to bungy jumping to laser tag. Or get back to nature and go kayaking, white water-style or opt for the calmer, scenic choice, or test your limits with a hike and camp-out for the weekend in the great outdoors.

Just a few tips and pointers with regards to the hen nights:
  • It is still traditionally the Maid of Honour's responsibility to organize the hen night. This said, however, it always makes plenty of sense for them to consult with the future bride so as to ensure that no names are left off the list. Sometimes people take terrible offence when they find out that they weren't invited to the bash, mistakenly or otherwise.
  • It also makes sense for transport to be arranged by the organizers for after the 'do'. It's logical to assume that many units of alcohol will be imbibed by all present and so, for safety's sake, it should be equally logical to conclude that many a legless guest will not be in a position to drive home.
  • Don't organize the hen party too close to the wedding date. A week or more before the big day is usually advisable. This gives everybody enough time to sober up and dry out completely, as well as to proffer and accept all apologies related to word and deed committed on the night of debauchery.
  • Hens night can be costly affairs. It might be a good idea for the organizers to tot up the sums beforehand and to advise all those attending as to what the cost per capita is going to be.
  • As a final note: Have fun. But be considerate of others and think about consequences.

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