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How to Save On Wedding Catering Budget

Selecting the Wedding Catering for marriage is one of important thing in preparation for your wedding. And it is wise to have a budget before planning anything for your wedding. Here are a budget you need to make when choosing the wedding catering, so not embarrassing you on your big day.

wedding catering on a budget

Prepare key pieces of information in advance. This includes the date and time, the location, budget and how many people will be attending.

Choose a morning or afternoon ceremony. Breakfast and lunch are less expensive than a formal dinner. Talk to your caterer about picnic lunches or a simple pancake bar.

Explore the variety of caterers available to you. There are popular, high-end caterers who can charge an arm and a leg because they are in demand. However, if you go with a less experienced caterer or a talented culinary student, their costs are sure to be lower. Look into local restaurants that offering catering, as they are usually lower in cost.

Bring your own side dishes, desserts. Work out a simple menu with your caterer and have them only prepare the main dish. Save additional money by buying your foods and side dishes in bulk at wholesale stores or making them yourself. Consider making a variety of cakes yourself or buying them at a store, as professional wedding cakes can be expensive.

Look for hidden fees. Ask your caterers for an extensive list of their services and fees. Cake-cutting and corkage fees are common additional expenses that are unnecessary for a couple on a budget. Cut the cake yourself or ask someone in the wedding party to handle this.

Use buffet style dinner. A seated dinner can run almost twice that of a buffet service. This option will save you money on service fees and staffing, as table service requires more waitstaff.

buffet style dinner

Get an accurate head count as far in advance as you can. Most caterers price their services according to the price per person so the more you know about who is arriving, the more accurately you can make an estimate as to how much you will need to set aside

Allow extra room in your budget for alcohol. Your guests may end up consuming more than you expected and leave you scrambling for more, which could put a damper on the celebration. Also inquire if they charge a corkage fee as well as whether or not you will need to hire a licensed bartender for an hourly rate.

Read over the fine print in all your contracts. Reception venues and wedding caterers will sometimes sneak in charges for things that can escalate your budget like linen rentals, cutlery and cleanup. Go over your contracts carefully and clarify any numbers that seem suspect.

Consider which drinks will be served. A highlight for many of the guests is the drink on offer and many a wedding will be judged on how freely the drink flowed. If you will be providing drinks on the tables for your guests during the reception. Maybe your venue allows you to supply your own alcohol for a fee, for which they may well provide the required glassware and refrigeration. If there's a bar, it's important to know what time it will serve and you need to decide whether you're going to foot the bill or whether guests need to fend for themselves.

offer wedding drink

Here is a list of questions you might want to ask caterers:

  •     Can the caterer arrange for a tasting of foods you're interested in?
  •     How much is a buffet versus plated dinners?
  •     Can they offer hors d'oeuvres or a dessert bar?
  •     Can the caterer provide the use of other food related items, such as silverware, linens, tables and chairs?
  •     Will the caterer be working any other wedding on that same weekend?
  •     Does the caterer handle the table settings?
  •     Will the caterer provide wait staff?
  •     Where will the food be prepared?
  •     Does the caterer work with fresh (not frozen) food?
  •     Is the caterer licensed?
  •     Can the caterer provide alcohol? Or do you need to handle the bar separately?
  •     Can you see photos of previous work displays?
Remember: Choose a wedding catering service that has good quality. In that sense it will not disappoint the guests both in the presentation of the food and service, and of course make your wedding day a day not to be forgotten by you, your spouse and invited guests.

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