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How to Choose a Wedding Band

The band is a symbol of fashion, many newcomers in the wedding ceremony will choose a the style that they like the band, listening to the wonderful wedding music, wearing beautiful and happiness symbol of the crystal shoe. So how to choose a wedding band? There are a number of different things to consider before choose a band.

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1, Ask the guests opinion

Ask your friends and family, they will give you useful advice if they recent attend wedding. There is no doubt your future wedding guests's opinion is the best, because they are your choice of music at the end of the estimator.

2, Analysis the Band

Select the specific employment is depend where you get married. If you get married on the beach, then you can't let your musicians on the beach in a row, perhaps someone will be down the waves of the sea. Also, a high, formal occasions is suitable for jazz band. If you are in public places (such as park) wedding, you should consider for the noise control. Wedding at home should be so, don't let your wedding to affect the lives of others.

3, Listen to the candidate band

Listening to your musicians playing before order is very necessary, or if you have no time, that also must ask them to give you a CD or tape. To confirm the singer and the instrument. If the sample with CD is 12 instruments and you just want to 9 pieces, that this CD may not very suitable get married.

4, Considering time

Generally, the band and DJ once is sign 4 hours, but if you think that your guests will stay longer time, will consider booking 5 hours it. If you suddenly decided to delay without reservation, more than the cost of the time will rise sharply.

5, Sign note

Agreement should be detailed, including your performers, play time, wedding time and place. Determine the total cost (indicate should subtractive you have deposit) and overtime cost calculation. Rest in the middle of the time and length also want to have documents reflect.

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6, Choose personalized music

In the wedding need at least a few song: the first a dance, cut the cake, the bride threw the bouquet and the leave dance. The choice of appropriate some personalized point, such as cut the cake in plays song "PourSomeSugaronMe" is a very lovely choice.

7, "Don't play" repertoire list

Perhaps it than you play list more important - make sure your band and DJ all know what pieces is not playing.

8, Venue control

When guests dancing, let your photographers not too close from center venue, to avoid being hit, also can let guests jump more fun.

9, Recording standby CD

Prepare a prior record backup CD, in response to the occurrence of accidents. These songs in order to record in, write good song name. Let others help you check it, lest make mistakes. So, no matter what happend on the wedding, you also won't helter skelter.

the wedding band wear white and black theme apparels

10, Dress up

Don't forget ask your DJ or band's conductor communication what they are going to wear. If you want the DJ or band wear the wedding theme dress, be sure to inform them.

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