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How to Buy/Rent a Perfect Wedding Attire for Grooms

When it comes to mens wedding suits there are two basic question most groom's face: is it better hire or buy? Before deciding to buy or rent, there are several factors that should be considered first:

wedding attire for groom

What Suit Will Suit His Style?

Depending on the style you and your partner have chosen for your wedding the type of suit you choose to buy/rent will vary. There are many, many different styles of suit at your disposal from the traditional and elaborate to the more modern, trendy versions. We speical recommend The Groom's Outfits Guide.

To Rent or To Buy?

# Price

Estimate of the intensity of the couples attending a formal event. If in a year will only be used once, better to rent it. The system will save the budget hire approximately 10-30% of the purchase price suits. Conversely, if the couple will wear it 2-3 times a year, buying the same investment, and moreover will help her choose clothes to attend a formal event.

# Stitching

When you decide to buy the groom attire, consider stitching a fit body so perfect when worn. However also consider hiring a matter that can reduce costs in the future, since this depends on the size of the body. Estimate whether the couple is likely to grow fat or thin a period of one year.

groom attire and accessores

# Accessories

Are later you are going to rent or buy a wedding tuxedo for groom, consider the accessories that will be used, whether rent or buy? If you decide to rent, rent a suit will include accessories, of course, the price will be much cheaper.

If you buy it, you have to match the accessories with a suit, and it takes time for the match. Do not forget to pay attention to the color and texture of materials suits before buying accessories. Some accessories are essential to the groom outfit is a tie, vest, bag ornaments to suit, socks, and shoes.

Tips & Warnings:

Rental minded types should keep the following tips in mind when choosing a groom's wedding ensemble:
  • Choose a formalwear store that updates its tuxedo inventory regularly. (If you see powder blue and ruffles, run.)
  • A good formalwear dealer will know how to measure you properly (inseam, waist, jacket size) and give you a tuxedo fitting in advance of the wedding.
  • The dealer should listen to you. If you're of the fashionable persuasion and want a dark blue, five-button mandarin collar tux, but the dealer's praising a silver tux with tails, you'll know you've come to the wrong shop. Politely say thanks but no thanks and look elsewhere.
  • The store should be able to supply you with all the tuxedo accessories you'll need: bow tie, cummerbund, cufflinks, suspenders, even shoes.
  • grey groom outfit
  • Finally, have all your groomsmen get their monkey suits at the same shop, so you'll match perfectly. (The store may even extend you a discount as a result). If they live in various parts of the country, ask them to get measured by a local tailor and send their measurements to your shop. Reserve their wedding tuxedos at least three months in advance.
Get Your Suit Tailored: Since you won't be renting, make sure to get your suit, tux, or whatever you wear tailored to fit you perfectly. Some guys like to lose weight before the wedding, so get it tailored a month or two before the wedding when you've reached your ideal size. Ill-fitting clothes automatically add ten to fifteen pounds in photos, so avoid the in camera weight gain and make sure your suit or tux fits your body perfectly.

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