Thursday, January 10, 2013

How To Ask A Boy To The Prom Ball

will you go to prom with me letter
The prom ball can be an important part of a student's high school experience. Choosing the perfect prom date is a high priority. Girls are becoming more assertive once you've chosen a viable candidate, don't wait around for him to pop the question. Instead, ask him yourself!

Just ask! Catch him when he is alone, walking to class, and casually ask him whether he has a date to prom yet and if he has anyone in mind. If he doesn't, use that as your cue! If he declines, at least you were alone, and it will be soon forgotten.

Write on the garage door. Don't actually vandalize the garage door...just decorate it with balloons, crepe paper and large cut out letters. He will be flattered and amazed at your craftsmanship.

Writing a hand made invitation or note. If you're generally a shy person and do not want to ask your guy to the prom face to face, you can try writing a hand made invitation or note and slip it into his locker during the day. If you have a favorite perfume you can spray a little on the note as well. To make it stand out, try using bright or neon paper to catch his attention. Write his name in big, bold letters on the envelope. If your locker is nearby you can wait and see his reaction and then when he reads it you can ask him again in person after he reads it.

Wear a check here t-shirt. Write on one of the arms - "Will you come to the dance with me?". Order a specially designed t-shirt that asks him out directly along with the option to either check "yes" or "yes." This bold move may not work on the jocks but shy guys will be tickled pink.

Cook for him. Everyone knows that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach! Try making him a brown bag lunch including his favorite sandwich, soda, and snacks. Include a note asking him to the prom. Once he's full and satisfied, he'll definitely want to be your date!

Sing it to him. If you got the voice and the American Idol attitude then sing your affection out loud. If he likes you he will be amazed that you made the effort.

prom girl smile at the boy

Use a pet. If he has a dog or a cat, tie a ribbon around their neck with the invite neatly worded and folded and tied to the ribbon. Then let the dog or cat in and let them find the message for themselves. How to ask a guy to a dance?..This one's good enough.

There are so many ways to ask a guy to a dance, but the prom should be the most exciting and memorable. Don't settle for going stag, make sure that you land the date that you'll be able to happily reflect on for the rest of your life! Maybe you will be also interested in How to Look Beautiful on Prom Night

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