Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Guide to Buy Gifts For Your Chinese Friends ( For Chinese New Year )

If you are thinking about getting something for your Chinese friends, remember to put your gifts in a box or a bag (red and gold are the fortunate colors and white and black are taboo colors). Chinese New Year is also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival. Here are some Chinese new year gifts ideas:

Lunar Chinese New Year

# Alcohol

If your Chinese friends drink alcohol, preparing a nice bottle of alcohol could be a nice choice.

# Tobacco

If your male Chinese friends smoke, find out what he likes. He will appreciate a nice carton of whatever it is.

# Tea

Most Chinese people love tea. Tea is always a nice gesture no matter whether your hosts are Chinese or not. A nicely wrapped box of tea is much better than bagged tea for gifts.

# Hat, Gloves, Scarf or Clothes

If you are familiar with your friends, you can prepare a hat, a pair of gloves, a scarf or clothes as a gift to the female seniors in your friend family.

# Home Supplies

If your friend have moved into a new house not long before, home supplies like a tea set, electrical equipment or crockery would be fine.

# Candy

Bring some candy with you during Chinese New Year, so that you can bring some happiness to the kids you come across.
orange basket gift for chinese new year
# Fruits

Fruit baskets are common and proper gift for Chinese friends. You could buy the fruit yourself and have the vendor wrap it for you, or wrap it with red ribbon yourself. Of course, taking a box of oranges or a box of apples is also recommended, because apple and orange respectively symbolize safety and fortune.

# Red Packets for Children

If your Chinese friend have children, do not forget to prepare some red envelope. Both the friend and the children would appreciate that you know the tradition.

# Animal Zodiac Themed Gifts

Each new year is represented by one of 12 animals from the Chinese zodiac. For instance, 2013 is the year of the snake. The gifts you choose can focus on that animal as a theme, even in the more mundane office gifts. For example, coffee cups, ink pens or other around the office supplies with an image of the new year's animal would make unique gifts that your friends are sure to enjoy using in the workplace.

Below are some taboos when giving gifts to your Chinese friend at Chinese New Year.
  • If a Chinese family experiences funeral affairs less than a month before Chinese New Year, do not visit the Chinese family at Chinese New Year.
  • Chinese people believe that good things should be in pairs, so make sure you bring with you at least a pair of gifts.
  • Tear off the gift's price tag, no matter how expensive it is.
  • Never prepare a watch or a clock as a gift to a senior.

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