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Fashion Trends: Ways to Wear Leopard Print for Fall-Winter 2012-2013 Season

Leopard print accessories

Leopard print trend keeps coming back to the runways and into our wardrobes. Leopard prints are cyclical and are constantly in and out of fashion. When it comes to how to wear leopard print, there are plenty of ways to make this look work for you. While head to toe leopard print is thought to be a universal no-no, there are a range of other helpful tips on how to wear leopard print items. Take a look at a the following a few tips on how to wear leopard print:

#1 Classy style look

You just can't go wrong with classy combination of black-and-white and leopard print. This set is an example of a "tamed" leopard in your outfit, and would be appropriate for many occasions, even for going to an office.

black and white and leopard print

#2 Romantic style look

An leopard print coat is perfect for a night out. Depending on the type of print, you may want to vary your accessories accordingly. A classic little black dress and some patterned tights. Accessorize with a two-toned clutch and black pumps and you'll be sure to stand out wherever you go — in the best possible way! As a rule, the busier the print, the simpler you should keep your accessories. A leopard print + shift style dress is romantic look for this season.

Leopard print coat match little black dress

#3 Sporty style look

Leopard print can be easily incorporated into a sporty outfit. Combining leopard with beige, brown, white and black is surely your safe option. You should not be afraid to wear leopard print with bright colors such as blue, red, orange and yellow though. Leopard works really well with these bright colors.

Leopard print sporty look

#4 Vintage style look

If you combine leopard printed piece with a vintage one, you are for sure at no risk of looking vulgar. In this piece, the burgundy color adds chic and class to the outfit. This set features several trends of fall-winter 2012-2013, such as oversize coat, burgundy color and leopard print.

vintage look with leopard print

#5 Military style look

Leopard print works really well with khaki, as you can see from this set. This set is a great example that you don't need to spend much in order to let a "leopard" into your wardrobe. You can just go with some leopard-printed accessories for styling up your outfits.

leopard print military style look

#6 Casual style look

If you are a fan of casual style, you can have some fun by mixing seemingly incompatible styles and prints. Wearing leopard print with jeans is pretty common, but this particular set is also an example of mixing prints and mixing styles. If you feel comfortable, you can mix leopard with other prints such as geometrical prints, stripes and even romantic floral prints, as it is shown here. Moreover, there is a leather jacket, which looks quite interesting with the floral shirt.

Leopard print casual style look

This is by no means a complete list of ideas of how you can wear leopard this season. Once you let "leopard" into your wardrobe, you will fall in love with it! And what tips do you have to share?

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