Sunday, January 20, 2013

DIY: Step by Step to Get Braided Bun Updos

The modern trend is all about simpleness and comfort. The garments that you see in the fashion walks are not for regular lifestyle. No one can carry on her regular lifestyle with a goose on her head! Howsoever, you also need to look fashionable in order to pose a striking personality and unique style. When it comes to hairstyles, the bun is perhaps the best way to facilitate the busy work schedule that you have, in case you are not related to the fashion industry. Make a stylish hairstyle prettier with our tutorial for how to style a braided bun.

braided bun updos

# Step 1

For any braided bun updo, the first step obviously is to part the hair from the middle of the scalp. While you have so many options for the braid, we would suggest that you try with the French braiding this time. This will just be for the front section of the hair.

# Step 2

Continue the braided bun updo until you have past the ears and make sure you secure this with a small hair band or elastic. You are already getting the picture of what lies ahead! This works well for girls with any face cutting.

# Step 3

Obviously, makeup is all about symmetry. You cannot have an undone hair on the left part of the scalp while it is neatly tied in the right one. Take yourself through the same process for the other side of the hair too.

# Step 4

While the side hair has been taken care of, gather all your rest hair without disturbing the braided bun updo and begin twisting. Sometimes, it seems that girls are meant to do make ups otherwise they would not be having so many assets to make them look unique and all the more beautiful!

# Step 5

Make the bun finally and secure it with elastic. While most of your blonde is given shape and loose hair (generally the short ones) should be tucked away using bobby pins.

Below is the picture to get braided bun updos:

guide to get braided bun updos
This braided bun updo will work in most cases, if you are a working woman or a busy housewife. Hair is one of the most important part of the personality and looks of a woman. Take good care of it. You can do it!

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