Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Creative & Unique Wedding Gifts Trends

During the wedding season, someone always gets engaged which means you need to start thinking about wedding gifts for bride and groom, here are some creative & unique wedding gifts trends...

Wedding Gifts Trends

Trend 1: Food & Wine

Newlyweds want to enjoy experiences together, so buy them a private cooking class certificate and pair it with a lovely evening at a local winery for a tour and tasting. It's the perfect follow up to a honeymoon.

Trend 2: Show Them the World From Up Above

Again, building off the idea of experiences and post-honeymoon activities, a hot air balloon tour of a picturesque town an hour or two outside of where they are living is a great gift. Throw in a gift certificate to dinner in the town they traveled to for that hot air balloon ride and there's a good chance the newlywed couple will enjoy a mini, weekend vacation.

Trend 3: Frame the Memories

Framed pictures make wonderful gifts because they're extremely frugal and very personal. Or buy a gift certificate to a local framing shop, which will force the newlywed couple to print their favorite photos and pick out the perfect frame to match their new home.

Trend 4: Music to remember

This wedding gift trend could be a little tricky if you have a couple with contrasting music tastes, but tickets to their favorite band's concert a few months down the road is a perfect gift. It gets the newlywed couple out of the house for the night and if you throw in a gift card for dinner, they will enjoy an amazing date night.

Trend 5: Keep the Memories in the Mail

This gift requires some dedication, but is very touching. Choose their best photos, whether taken by you or by the official photographer, and print these photos and send one every month with a short but sweet note at the back. This will remind them of their special day, and your special part in it.

Trend 6: Enhance the Honeymoon

You might want to research a little on their honeymoon plans and add in a little extra: be it a lavish dinner or a relaxing spa treatment.

a relaxing spa treatment honeymoon

Final Word: What are some creative and unique wedding gift ideas that you've used?

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