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Best Wedding Cars to Rent

Whether it's a horse-drawn carriage or a sleek limo, is a memorable event in the lives of every bride to arrive at her wedding in style, as well as their families and friends. It might not be the first thing that one thinks of when planning a wedding, but wedding cars needs to be taken into consideration.

Fairytale Wedding Car

Before you pick out your wedding cars, take a moment to consider the following:
  • Your budget.
  • The number of people you need to transfer.
  • How many cars you need.
  • Remember that these stylish wedding cars get booked up very quickly so early booking is essential.
  • No matter what you decide to hire- a Rolls Royce or a Bentley or Mercedes, make sure that your chauffeur is a professional and experienced one. It is important that he is presentable and of course, being insured will save lot of problems.
  • Keep in mind the time of the year you are getting married in- yes- the weather. The location is also as crucial and so is the distance. An open top car may not be the correct choice if see those gray clouds on the horizon.
  • The expenses are as fundamental and you can give a fairy tale touch to your wedding by arriving in a horse drawn carriage- however, you must be aware of the huge expenses it will incur. It is important to know your budget and make plans accordingly.
  • When the choice of car is concerned, you can arrive in style with the flashy glitzy sports car, but it is better to stick to the traditional options like the Rolls Royce or Bentleys. These vehicles exude class and will reflect your vintage sophistication. In fact, there are no chances that you will go wrong with them.
  • Amount of space available in the car is important. Think carefully what your needs are how many passengers would you like accommodate. A small little vintage choice may leave you crammed, creased up and uncomfortable.
# Wedding Cars to Hire Luxury

Have you ever dreamed of having a Porsche, Ferrari, or Lamborghini? You can – for a day. You can choose luxury options, like a Ferrari, that accommodate only the bride and groom, or you can find larger models, such as a Porsche Cayenne, that can seat more people. Again, this is pricier, especially if you add in a chauffeur for the entire day. Another option is to rent the car and have a trusted friend act as chauffeur. Brides most often request white limos, but black may be less expensive.

bentley white limos

# Classic or Antique Cars

Antique wedding cars fit in perfectly with the traditional wedding. With luxury and style they come in a wonderful array of colors to complement any wedding dress. A sophisticated Bentley, Rolls Royce, or Jaguar will provide a luxe touch to any wedding. This is a pricier option, especially if you can only rent a car with a chauffeur, but if you have room in your budget, this can be a wonderful way to arrive with a flourish.

vintage corvette wedding cars

# Crossovers, Vans, or SUVs

If your budget doesn't rival Kate Middleton's, no need to worry. You can still have a great car for your wedding. One excellent idea is to rent a nice van, SUV, or crossover. The Porsche Cayenne is, after all, an SUV. Vehicles without the Porsche price tag include the GMC Terrain, Buick Enclave, Chevy Equinox, Accord Crossover, Honda CRV, Kia Sorento, Mitsubishi Outlander, and many, many other options. You can find those with 3rd row seating to accommodate more guests, and dual side doors allow everyone, even those in gowns, to enter and exit with ease. You can ask a friend to act as chauffeur.

VW Camper Van

# Horse and carriage hire

Horse and carriages, for a fairytale wedding.These carriages add that bit of extra charm to any brides arrival at her wedding venue. They can be transported anywhere but at an extra cost in some places.

Horse and carriages for wedding

# Be Creative

There is no rule saying that you have to arrive in a car. Couples can find creative and funny ways to make their entrance - and getaway. From ski lifts, tandem bikes, and snowmobiles to hot air balloons and chicken buses and take a boat, there is no wrong answer when it comes to transportation. You can walk or use your own car. There is always a great option, regardless of your budget, preferences, or wedding style.

The best idea is to arrange to visit the wedding car company so you can view the cars, try them out for size and check they will complement your color scheme.

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