Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stylish & Cute Ways to Wear Riding Boots

Riding boots are fairly distinctive, with a typically a slim, knee-high fit. Whether you prefer a laidback look or something a bit more polished, riding boots can be worn in a variety of ways. Knowing how to wear riding boots can be helpful wardrobe knowledge. Check out the following tips on stylish & cute ways to wear riding boots.

Sweater dress + riding boot

Sweater dress is an essential for cold weather a single product, a simple T shirt with bow pectoral elements are sweet girls, with a pair of riding boots in the cooler months. Try a pair of riding boots in a brown or tan colour to complement the earthy, natural tones of your sweater dress.The combination of the two stylish pieces leaves you looking sleek and totally chic and is a great cute look.

sweater dress match with riding boots

Tight jean + riding boot

When you want to keep your legs under wraps, but still show them off, tight jeans are the way to go.That way you can easily tuck them into your boots without any obvious bunching around the top of the boots. Avoid pants that are too baggy as they will exaggerate any bunching and bulk.

tight jean match with riding boot

Long skirt + riding boot

Give your body some length and your feet some serious street cred by wearing a long skirt with your riding boots. You'll look relaxed, calm and complete fashion in this look, this is suitable for work or play. A fit, long sleeve top or coarse sweater to pull together the sweet collocation.

cute long sweater skirt match with riding boots

Cropped Trousers + riding boot

Show your style collocation by your riding boot and cropped pants. Not only is this pair of trousers is very advanced, but they will also show your boots, let their star show. These pants look more modern when they have ruching slightly above the guide. A fit of tee or button finish the look, the perfect job or a walk in the park with the child and the dog.

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