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Party Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts For Holiday Party

Holiday party etiquette is very important, whether you are hosting a party or attend. In any holiday party, Christmas, New Year, or Valentine's Day -anything  - there are some things you should do, and some things you absolutely should not. If you are attending a holiday party, then take a look at these important do's and don'ts, so you know how to behave!

holiday party

Arrive on time

It's fine to make an entrance, but showing up an hour and a half late to the soiree is just plain tacky. Get there early enough to get a good seat next to someone who will make you laugh all night.

Dress appropriately

Of course, you want to look pretty (or handsome) when you attend a holiday party, which is perfectly acceptable! Dress up yourself tidy and nice to attend this gorgeous party, ensure that it is appropriate occasions, for example, an office party, a casual thing, or a formal cocktail party.

Mix and mingle

While in the holiday party can get to know the other guests. Know a friend of a friend, so you can make new friends, and always fun. You must try to mingle, even if you are presiding over the party - know your friends plus a whole lot better! Staying in the corner with your friends all night makes you appear isolated and uninterested.

Eat what you want

Dieting or during the holidays, you eat what are common, but to participate in a holiday party, feel free to go a little lax. You can taste the cookies or tiramisu, indulge in cheeseball (take a look in a ball, cream cheese, delicious!), Or on your favorite cold snacks. Do not feel guilty! Eat what you want and have fun.

Relax your inhibition

If you participate in a temporary or friendly holiday party, even the office party, it is entirely possible to relax and have fun! A little fancy, indulge in some friendly flirting, if that is your thing, chasing some of your friends mistletoe - it's all good!

two people free talk with each other in the party
Enjoy a drink

Drinking is perfectly acceptable during a holiday party - if you like to drink, of course. A little wine, a glass of champagne, a large glass tip eggnog - Enjoy! Remember, don't drink too much, you do not want to get sloppy drunk in front of the people you respect.

Say thank you and have fun

Thank the person responsible for the planning and coordinating of the party. Have a good fun time to enjoy holiday with family, firends, or colleague! Catch up with coworkers, participate in a game or two and definitely show some team spirit.


Choose a holiday-themed clothing

Unless this is a theme, away from light reindeer, the undershirt or blinding Santa sweater. I know they can be very interesting, if it's something like a school party for the kids, That is a theme party, go. But if it is the kind of party, even a casual dress needs, let them in the drawer. In fact, talk to your child before wearing them to school groups, and - it's just an ordinary primary school courtesy!

Talk dirty

That being said, this is not the time to let your friends know why you do not like her best friend forever, or how much you hate his wife to talk about your best male friend. Not only is it rude, but it will certainly be embarrassing to everyone involved, not to mention the people who have to watch.

Taste so much

Do not taste so much, you end up in total food coma. It was not even one you do not want to eat so much of the public - when my friends at a party, I do not mind if they see me stuffing my face. Then, in a certain extent. However, you do not want to so stuffed you can not speak, or worse to deal with stomach trouble, and you are in a festive event.

Hit on inappropriate people

This is bad, you should not be playing in the fight, though. Do not be too serious, mistletoe or too much information with the boss's wife or your husband or colleagues. Said the taboo, as far as possible to avoid any form of behavior, and can end you wear a lampshade hat while dancing on your desk.

people drink too much in the party
Drink too much

There is nothing worse than coming to work on Monday morning and being greeted with stares, whispers, laughs and shaking heads because Friday night at the company holiday party you got toasted and did a solo Soul Train line complete with Don Cornelius' iconic soul call. There's nothing wrong with indulging in the open bar, just don't take it too far.

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