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New Year's Tablescape Decoration Ideas

New Year's tablescape decoration ideas are here to diverse the common decoration style of your home. After all this night is a special one and the theme subject must be screaming in each meal you cook and in each element of your refined and diligent attempt for adorning the house. Dress up your tables in an eye-catching, stylish and glamorous way with the following stunning, festive table decoration ideas, fit for a unforgettable New Year 2013.

Balloons Clocks New Year's Tablescape Decoration

Mementos Decoration

Use your tables to remind your guests of the events of the past year. Spread out some books, magazine or newspapers from the year in the center of the table and arrange mementos on top. Set up CDs or DVDs from the past year and prop up copies of the most popular books of the year. If you have calendars from the past year, use the pages to create origami birds and other shapes to scatter around the table.

Mementos New Year's Tablescape Decoration

Sparkles Decoration

New Year's is a time for glitter, so make use of your sparkling Christmas ornaments or buy new ornaments on sale in the days after Christmas. Make a nest out of silver tinsel at the center of the table and arrange ornaments inside. Blue and silver/white ornaments will create an icy look, while an array of bright colors looks more festive. Add ribbons or sparking paper around the ornaments and light some small votive candles. The light will reflect off all the glittering surfaces.

Sparkling New Year's Tablescapes Decoration

Champagne Decoration

Since champagne is the signature drink of New Year's, make it do double-duty by using it to decorate your tables. Wrap silver and gold ribbon around bottles of champagne, or place them inside cloth wine bottle bags. Cluster the bottles together at the center of the tables and arrange champagne glasses around them. Use ribbon to tie metallic stars or other charms to the stems of the champagne glasses and arrange confetti or fresh strawberries around the glasses. Use your imagination and skip these ideas, if you have even more interesting suggestions for the "dress-up" of your New Year Eve's bottle of wine or champagne.

New Year's Tablescape Decoration Champagne

Clocks Decoration

Since the clock factors heavily into a New Year's celebration, a cluster of clocks makes both a whimsical and practical tablescape. Avoid using electronic clocks if possible and scour an antique store instead to find old clocks of all shapes, sizes and styles. Even large wall clocks can work; set them up on cookbook stands at the center of the table and arrange smaller clocks around them. Set all the clocks to the correct time so guests can use them to count down to midnight.

New Year's Tablescape Decoration Clock Symbol

Black and White Decoration

You can also arrange black and white in the middle of the New Year's Table. When the moment comes – we mean the last seconds of the passing years, each of the guests will have the opportunity to take some accessory and make a wish as he or she is in a fairy tale. Our last idea for the New Year's Tablescape that will strike all of your guests down could be realized, if you usually spend this holiday with common people. Use some symbolical mementos as decors and arrange them on the table – you can try with some preserved accessories or gifts from the past New Year's Eves or with things that will remind you all of the passing year.

Black and White New Year's TablescapesNew Year's Tablescapes, Black White
New Year's Black and White TablescapesNew Year Black and White Tablescapes

New Year's Tablescape Decoration Ideas for the last minutes of the passing year…

These awesome New Year decoration tablescape ideas will make the atmosphere you spend the last minutes of the passing year greater and classier. Take a look at them and choose the most suitable one for your celebration idea by considering the guest you have invited, the meals you are up to prepare and the fest program you are planning to offer. Each of these ideas is connected with the main mood of the party night and they are, of course, easy to be realized.

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