Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Year's Food & Drink Ideas

New Year's Eve is an exciting event, celebrated in the past year, as well as the upcoming one. A lot of people throw the parties to ring in the new year. With the perfect opportunity for a celebration of food & drink at midnight.

New Year's Food and Drink

Appetizer & hors douvres

Small appetizers and hors d'ouvres, where guests can enjoy delicious food bites, because they mingle with the other partygoers access. Drop in front of the guests watching Times Square, inspired by the classic tradition of New Year's Eve Caprese kebabs, spherical ingredients, they can enjoy a snack. Fresh cheese ball, round cherry tomatoes and basil leaves string. The decorative food such as quesadilla piece or slider Hamburg, seasoning such as sour cream or tomato sauce spelling digital upcoming year.

Main course

Fast foods and appetizers can be maintained in the Gulf of growling stomach for a while, the last New Year's Eve party, should have a more powerful dish. Elegant Italian smoked ham and sesame seeds or fresh cheese made sandwiches and pesto, guests will be impressed and delicious. With platters of pasta, roasted and grilled meat and fresh salad buffet-style feast, guests to help themselves in the party food. New Year's theme, winter white and silver serving ware, tableware, candle lit blue banner across the table in front of the buffet table and a Happy New Year.

Dips and spreads

Dips and spreads often featured parties, including those New Year. Celebrate the arrival of "baby" new year with a platter of baby carrots, baby corn and other "baby" vegetables.These bite-sized vegetables taste good on their own, but can also be provided with hummus, French onion dip and dipping sauce. To capture the essence of winter and New Year's, the purpose of these snacks in white, silver or other wintery color bowls.

Festive drinks

Entertaining all the New Year's Eve guests cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages. Establish a home bar or tray of silver or gold sparkling drinks for guests. Traditional party drinks, such as champagne and martinis, holiday favorites. Rich and foam off the holiday eggnog cream, milk, whiskey, rum, sprinkle nutmeg flavor and color of the glass at the top of the eggs, sugar and spices. Hot mulled wine, spicy characteristics, combined with peppercorns, cardamom, cloves, orange and lemon peel, and will warm guests on a cold winter day or night.
New Year Recipes


End the New Year's party on a sweet note with a buffet of desserts. The party the audience can put your bag or box holiday of goodies home as favors. As a kind of special treatment, banana cultivation of butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, New Orleans style dark rum, banana wine. Soy sauce is a burning cooking pot or frying pan, as a ball of vanilla ice cream. The guest cream mincemeat pancake coil tofu pistachios, almond tarts, mini cheese cake and delicate blueberry pancakes filled with joy. Establish a chocolate fountain, a string of strawberry and banana slices.

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