Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Beauty Looks to Try This Year

As the holiday season shifts into high gear, so begins the prime time of year for family dinners and themed parties. With so many events to attend, now is the perfect time to try out these easy yet eye-catching holiday beauty ideas to add some bold but classic new beauty look that'll be sure to turn heads. Make your holiday season even brighter with these festive and fabulous holiday beauty ideas.

Braided Updo

For an unexpected and effortlessly chic look, a braided updo is a perfect choice. It's pretty and polished, yet still young and fun. Also you can add an adorable bow for a festive holiday touch.

Braided updo for holiday beauty

The very big,very high bun

It's basically a sock bun way up on the top of the head.

very big bun on the top of the head
Bold Lips

There's nothing more sophisticated or timeless than a red lip, making it the perfect choice for holiday parties. As you probably know, there are a million shades of red out there to choose from – if you're not sure which one to try, consider your coloring: Warm-toned reds look best on golden skin tones, and blue-toned reds look best on cooler skin.

Bold Lips for Holiday Beauty Look
Sparkly Nails

Painting nails is one of girls favorite beauty pastimes and this holiday season, how about giving yourself a dazzling manicure with some sparkle? There are many ways you can rock sparkly nails, you can do a simple mani with fine glitter nail polish, magnetic glitter polish, a chunky glitter top coat or holographic nail polish. Don't worry, there are many ways to rock glittery nails without it looking childish! Of course, you also can choose the fun holiday themed nails, such as christmas themed, valentine's day themed and so on, try nails art to get in the holiday spirit.

Sparkly Nail & Holiday Themed Nail

Glittery Eyes

While glittery makeup may seem over-the-top for most occasions, this dazzling look is perfect for a night out catching up on holiday. Rather than packing your entire lid with glitter, which can come off as garish, try dabbing glitter over a smokey eye or a dark eyeshadow for a small pop of sparkle.

purple glittery eyes
Fairy glittery eyes
blue glittery eyes
Smokey glittery eye. It will stand out more
Old Hollywood Glamour

Old Hollywood glamour trends curls will give your holiday ensemble both a romantic and elegant edge. With these curls your holiday ensemble both a romantic and elegant. These curls are perfect for a fancy dinner or a work party.

Old Hollywood Tame Thick Curls
Tame thick curls
Old Hollywood Waves
Make a sophisticated impression with a deep side part and Old Hollywood waves
There are many ways you can try your look this holiday season. The holiday season is about celebrating and spending time with loved ones so while it's important to look good but don't forget what it's all about!

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