Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wedding Styles: Traditional Wedding Dress in Different Countries

Marriage is a happy thing, no matter in which country. The wedding is not only the two lovers, the combination of the two families, also is a symbol of happiness. Of course, the wedding dresses in different countries have different styles and customs. Now, we will introduce some wedding dresses styles in different countries.

American Wedding Dress

American White Wedding Dress
The bride usually wears a beautiful long white wedding dress. Traditionally, the bride's wears to include "a little old, little bit of new, a borrowed and a little blue thing". The groom is wearing a set of formal suit or black evening dress. A few close friends participate in wedding as company, including the groomsman and honor.

Indian Wedding Dress

Indian Wedding Dress
Hindu attaches great importance to the wedding, regard it as important religious ceremonies, therefore, from matchmaking engagement, to marry finished, the center after many ceremony, and also is the huge cost of. The bridal wear wedding dress is called Sari. On the wedding ceremony, bride chooses to wear Sari. The colors can be different, just choose according to personal tastes of the bride. Usually, golden, red and white are more popular. The vivid colors and other accessories such as embroidery and beads are the biggest trait.

Japanese Wedding Dress

Japanese traditional clothes are called as Kimono and the Japanese traditional wedding dress is also Kimono. Usually they tend to choose white Kimono on the wedding day because they believe white means the old days have passed and the new life is coming.

Vietnamese Wedding Dress

traditional vietnamese pink wedding dress
It seems that Vietnamese have special love of the pink wedding dresses. It looks cute, too.

Korean Wedding Dress

Korean Wedding Dress
If you have some knowledge about the Asian culture, you must know that Korean culture got influenced by Chinese culture deeply in many aspects, including the traditional wedding clothes.

Thailand Wedding Dress

Thailand Wedding Dress in redThailand Wedding Dress in blue
Although more and more Thailand brides choose western style wedding dress, the traditional Thailand wedding dresses are also popular. The design of such clothes can flatter the beautiful ladies body shapes very perfectly.

Chinese Wedding Dress

Traditional Chinese red wedding dress
Traditional Chinese wedding has heavy text more etiquette. The Chinese like red, so when married shall be by big red dress up. The traditional Chinese marriage, need to use the cover of the red endshield, and sit sedan to him.

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