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Tips for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is an annual tradition in New York. It has stepped down from the morning of each Thanksgiving since 1924. Long route of the procession of the millions of viewers Park to see the giant balloons, bands and performers. For those who planned the parade, there are a few things you need to know.

macy's thanksgiving day parade turkey
Arrive early

The parade is not like your usual small town parade. People arrive early, some even the night before, to ensure that they get a spot on the sidewalk side of the road to see the procession, and no one in front of them. This extreme is not necessary, but you should plan no later than 6:00 in the morning, in order to ensure good viewing point to reach. The parade route was soon filled. Parade at 9:00, so you need to be patient. The parade started in the vicinity of 77th Street and Central Park West to pick points waiting time to eliminate the amount.

Where to station

Avoid all the major subway stations along the route of the procession. Absolutely avoid Pioneer Square (Herald Square). Is the the ticketed customer's reviewing stand in front of Macy's. You will not be able to see from 34th Street because it was too crowded. Also to avoid the area of ​​Times Square and 59th Street. A lot of people will get off the subway and streets from these stations will fill very fast, more crowded than others. Contrary to pick a few blocks from one point to start the parade, between W. 75 Street, between Central Park West and W. 65 Street. These areas are more extensive than usual sidewalk, even along the outside of the park bench. If you're there early enough to grab the bench, sit down. The kids can stand on the bench to see more clearly when the parade starts. Close to the park wall, on a bench on the side of the road, instead of standing against the side of the road barricades, which may be a less crowded place. Decide which is better for you.

Dress appropriately

Find out the weather prepared in advance. Some years, temperature in the s and other years you can count on the weather low to 30 degrees. Have an average of about 40 to 50 degrees. Rain and snow factors. Choose a cloak and not an umbrella, so you won't spend three hours to carry an umbrella and prevent the views of others. Don't forget to rain boots.

Let your body ready to events

Eat a good breakfast and the bathroom ahead of time. It is not fun to keep away from event to look for a bathroom, especially in a group of people. Keep you drink water and coffee to a minimum, so your bladder did not fill in the parade.

The Night Before Alternative

If you feel insecure populations, especially if you have children, then try another. Wednesday night, watching them blow the Macy's Thanksgiving holiday parade balloons along West 81 Street, Central Park West and West 77th Street, to see these huge balloons get filled afternoon afternoon from 3 to 10 is just as exciting, some think it is more enjoyable than the actual parade. Not so crowded, that's for sure.

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